Clutter and Space Clearing

Clutter Clearing

Why clutter clearing

  • Frees up energy and space
  • Destroys disorder
  • Creates new energy
  • New energy = new possibilities

The effects of clutter on you

  • Unnecessary burden: physical, mental, emotional
  • Loss of focus, disorientation
  • Frustration, depression
  • Limitations in space and time
  • Excessive worry, guilt (the more stuff you have, the more attention it needs)
  • Increased burden of responsibility
  • Fear


Practical tips

  • Return everything you borrowed
  • Rid yourself of second copies
  • Think about what you purchase twice:
    Do I really need it? Do u really like it? Enjoy it?
  • Once you made the decision, act upon it immediately!

Clutter clearing check list

  1. Does it lift my energy?
  2. Do I absolutely love it?
  3. Is it genuinely useful?

Examples of physical clutter

  • Whatever you don’t use every day
  • Clothes that don’t fit
  • Used shoes, socks without pairs
  • Whatever is not working, broken
  • Stuff that you think “you might use one day”
  • Unwanted presents
  • All paperwork “you might use one day”
  • Personal correspondence, Christmas cards from people you don’t even remember
  • Cooking recipes you shall never be able to cook
  • Old newspapers deep down you know you will never read
  • Unfinished projects
  • Empty flower pots, dead flowers
  • Old, used tickets
  • Half-used and expired make up, toiletries, vitamins, medication
  • When too much stuff is jam-packed in to a very little space

Examples of mental clutter

  • Never completed “to-do” lists
  • Stuff you always procrastinate
  • Guilt trips that fix blame on others
  • All thoughts in your head that blame others including yourself
  • Thoughts that help pejoratively judge yourself or others
  • False beliefs, old misconceptions, delusions about people, things, events, etc.
  • Old grudges you cling onto just to blame others

Examples of emotional clutter

  • Fears you always avoid facing
  • Anger that remained unexpressed
  • Stuff you regret over and over and over again
  • All things you accumulate out of fear of loss

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Feng Shui Consultation and Clutter Clearing result

Your expertise of Clutter Clearing started of a new Life for me. What a liberation !!!!
I went for your Space Clearing Consultation. Things started to brighten up, I felt better in the flat as if it bad a complete makeover!
But the most important thing that was brought about, the crowning of it all “Your Feng Shui” consultation a couple of months later.
That was the cream on top! As a result, funnily enough, I have met the man I was looking for!
I am in love and he wants to marry me and have children !
I can’t believe what your space clearing energy has done for my life !

Laser Therapists Masseuse, Windsor, UK




Space Clearing

The term ‘Space Clearing’ refers to the art of cleansing and consecrating spaces. It is a profound and highly effective technique for clearing and revitalising the energy in buildings, including homes, offices, schools, hospitals and even cars.

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Changes in energy levels in the places we live, work, shop and socialise can have far-reaching effects on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


Why space clear?

  • To increase vitality
  • To change sullied atmosphere
  • To help manifest your desires in life
  • To clear predecessor energy
  • To protect and bless your home
  • To fill your home with healing energy
  • To help sell or move from old workplace and to find new one
  • To enhance profits in your business
  • To improve your sex life–yes!!

Choosing the right time

  • During daylight hours
  • When physically fit, healthy, emotionally centred
  • When there are no distractions
  • After cleaning and clearing clutter
  • Between full moon and new moon
  • When you move into a new home, office
  • At the start of a new season
  • After prolonged illness or death in the family
  • Whenever you feel the need to!

For more information about the consultation,
please contact Master Kristina


Feng Shui Consultation and Space Clearing result

Hello Kristina,

Thank you for the space clearing in my restaurant and bar. Our snooker hall has been so busy ever since.
The atmosphere is much better in the whole restaurant It’s great!

Owner of Honey’s Bar and Restaurant, Langley Berkshire, UK