Self Development Course

Self Development Course


I would like to offer help with patience and love for all ages from age 18 to help the creative self-expression, relationship happiness and family harmony.

My work supports the individual’s creativity and freedom.

I can offer a comprehensive therapy which creates a unity of body, mind and soul and I would like to share my spiritual experience.

Three heart-warming testimonials can read about the Self-Healing Group lectures and consultations below.
Individual consultation is possible as well.

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lisianthus-1907121_1920Zsuzsanna Spitzmüller (Budapest, Hungary)
says about Kristina’s personal development training:

“Dear Kristina,

When I think of last Saturday event, my heart is filled with gratitude.

On the one hand, gratitude because it was not quite sure if we could be there.

One the other hand, I am grateful to everyone who was there, a really
great company gathered, I am grateful for all, it was refreshing to be with you.

Thank you for receiving a lot of surprises during the day; also the
first sharing and insight to your new webpage. :)

Thank you for your well-built, high-quality lecture which reinforced,
renewed and extended our knowledge. There were really soul warming
videos and pictures for the interactive part.

The angel card I drew meant a huge gift to me.
I can only encourage everyone to come to this group and experience these feelings.

The lotus flower symbol reminded me repeatedly to the cycle of everyday
life: it collapses and dives into the water after the everyday hustle and bustle
and 10 to 15 hours of daily work. It comes to the surface and opens again at dawn.

Thank you very much.

Zsuzsanna Spitzmüller”


tulip-magnolia-2156716_1920Mária Dr. Mujzerbé Szabó, Entrepreneur (Budapest, Hungary)
says about Kristina’s personal development training: 

“Dear Kristina!

The quotation that I liked on your personal development
training as follows:
“Should you have gone so far that you are unable to take
one more step. Then you have only gone half way.”
Your positive personal examples and authenticity has
created a positive atmosphere to working.
I felt deep connection with my soul. You succeed in teaching
in such a way that I am not afraid of facing challenges anymore.
Thank you for your teaching.”

Mária Dr. Mujzerné Szabó “


lily-2085412_1920Johanna Méhi, Marketing Specialist (Budapest, Hungary)
says about Kristina’s personal development training: 

„Dear Kristina!

Thank you for the opportunity to attend your Personality Development Training.

The seminar about positive thinking on Sunday helped me how to
express my emotions better and listen to my heart.
I spent a pleasant day with nice people, who were able to reveal their
innermost feelings. At the end of the day I felt like I’m starting to get to
know myself and all I need is within me already! I was filled up with
tremendous positive energy and “my soul is smiling”:).

I am looking forward to your next teaching seminar.

With many thanks and regards,”

Méhi Johanna