Prediction for 2018

Prediction for 2018

Individual consultation


What is the purpose of the prediction?

For example: to help to make an important life decision a professional astrologer will be able to tell /based upon the analysis of the personal Stars/ if the timing is auspicious for the life decision in question.

This kind of prediction can help the person to make the right choice of action to avoid bad fortune or bad luck.

There is freedom of choice for action and it is the person’s responsibility to follow the advice in the prediction. It is his/her responsibility to recognize the wrong track of habits or behavior and change them.

You will get to know your awaiting surprises and challenges in 2018 regarding your 12 area of life.

  • 1st Lifehouse: Career
  • 2nd Lifehouse: Finances
  • 3rd Lifehouse: Relationships in your family
  • 4th Lifehouse: Parents and movable property, assets
  • 5th Lifehouse: Colleagues, team members
  • 6th Lifehouse: Children Or Projects
  • 7th Lifehouse: Wife or life partner
  • 8th Lifehouse: Sickness and Health
  • 9th Lifehouse: Travel and Business Movement
  • 10th Lifehouse: Organizational skills
  • 11th Lifehouse: Supporting forces of the ancestors
  • 12th Lifehouse: Behavior and appearance

As a result of the astrological 2018 prediction you would have a strategy what to do and when if you want success and results.
So this is an action plan with the help of your individual horoscope and Stars.


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28-crini-roz„It has been exactly one year that I had the privilege to get to know myself better thanks to Kristina. After the first consultation I regained my self-confidence and began to live a more conscious life, leaving nothing to chance, using the calendar she provided me with. I therewith learned to capitalize on the opportunities in life. My previous doubts regarding the direction my life was heading towards and regarding my career, vanished. I had a serious problem when I was trying to find a second occupation besides the one I am doing right now and that I could do lovingly and with care. A month after the consultation, I found the new occupation and shortly after that I met the man I love and it seems that we are heading towards a serious commitment in the future.

I am grateful to have met with Kristina and to have had the maturity to accept her help. I have since recommended her and her consultations to all my friends   and family because it really works! The greatest present in life is if one gets to know oneself, one gets to know ones weaknesses, strengths and gets to benefit from the given opportunities in the best possible time.

Thank you again Kristina!

With Love,

Zsofia Nagy Nemes


Alexandra Nagy Testimonial„After four years as European Brand Manager in the  Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry in London I found myself exhausted and faced with continuous challenges at work. Despite being successful in my role I felt trapped and unappreciated in my career and wanted to leave.

That is when I consulted with Feng Shui Master, Dr Neuhauser. Her clear and honest analysis quickly revealed that this career and work place were actually not supportive of me. Through her analysis she could see that in the long-term this job would lead me to further health and personal problems and most certainly not fulfill me.

With the help of her magic date selection I managed to pick the suitable date and exact time to resign from my position. Having picked the right date did not just feel great but it translated into me receiving a settlement that was several thousand pounds greater than expected as well as leaving my position on good terms and finding a new job immediately.  Since then I have consulted Dr. Neuhauser continuously and her expert precise advice has helped me shape my life into one I can be proud of.

When I initially consulted her I was unhappy in my job, lived in a loveless relationship and felt very disconcerted by the future. Thanks to her date selection techniques and insight into my personal astrological chart, she could advise me on the right steps to take at the right time.  I now have a fulfilling and well-paid job in the non-profit sector, live in a new and free environment which I love and have a new partnership which I found exactly in the time frame that she predicted.

Thanks to Dr.Neuhauser I now have greater control over my actions and can put my money, energy and peace of mind to good use.

It’s been the best investment I have made to date!”
Alexandra Nagy