Imperial Feng Shui and the Divine Feminine Creativity

Imperial Feng Shui and the Divine Feminine Creativity


This course is predominantly meant for a female audience​

1. ​Discover the Goddess​ in you ​- Joyful partnership based on Chinese horoscopes
2. Comfortable home as a sacred place -Body as a Divine Temple
3. ​Beauty in your garden with Feng Shui
4. You are more powerful than you think: Creating a happy family

​Every woman is a ​goddess ​in her: ​beautiful, ​creative, imaginative, and an Eternal Muse.
​How do we find this amazing feminine SELF in us?

Master ​​Kristina’s knowledge of imperial Feng Shui helps you to find your inner strength
to become a glorious ​and attractive ​woman.

The imperial Chinese Feng Shui will help you to a spiritual connection to ​your soul. ​ ​
It will deepen your connection to the Sacred places within you.



After the first consultation I regained my self-confidence and began to
live a more conscious life, leaving nothing to chance.

A month after the consultation, I found a new job and the man I love.
I am grateful to have met Kristina and to have the maturity to accept her help.

Sophia N. Nemes
Ballet Dancer&Pilates Teacher
London, United Kingdom

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