Imperial Chinese Astrology for all

Imperial Chinese Astrology for all





What do your Stars teach you?


Individual Horoscope Readings


Astrology is a science. Astrology is not a religion.
You do not have to believe in astrology to participate in this course.
It is very simple and practical:
A deep insight into your stars can only help you to gain better understanding of Yourself.

Imperial Chinese Horoscopes or the so called Four Pillars of Wisdom is the most accurate of all Astrological systems used by Kings and Emperors.

My promise to you:

As a Horoscope Master, I draw from the experience gained from many years of private readings. My research how individual Stars can effect lives provides valuable insights to your chart.
Through the insights available you will gain clarity of the attitudes, reactions and behaviours that enriched or disrupted your relationships, career and health in the past. Positive future prediction for the next 10 years will encourage you to live up to your amazing potential.


Imperial Course includes:

- Two sessions of 6 hours in total including reading with Master Kristina

- In depth written description of your Horoscope Chart (minimum 10 pages)

- Workbook including descriptions of the 12 Chinese animals and 5 elements

- Exclusive Facebook Group for further continued support

What are the benefits of this Individual Horoscope course to you?  

1.Deep insight to your character based on your individual Stars

2. Yin and Yang balance to see if you are more impulsive or more intuitive

3. 5 elements and 12 Chinese animals in your chart

4. Auspicious Heavenly Directions where to eat, sit and sleep in your home

5. Clarity of your attitudes, reactions and behaviours

For more information about this imperial course,
please contact Master Kristina

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Horoscope Reading Testimonials

terryI met Kristina Neuhauser in Bali a few years ago. 
She did a mini Chinese astrology on me then that was great. 
She just completed a full reading on myself and family… Honestly I am amazed… 
The accuracy and the advice was truly astounding and very useful in my life!!!

Terry Sarrazin
Financial Planner
Ottawa, Canada

„Dear Kristina,
lada_komarovaWhat you did was unbelievable: you explained to me why I am as I am.
You completed that puzzle that I have been working on for the last three years.
Everything became so much clearer now.
After meeting you I made a decision to create my own  fashion collection.”

Lada Komarova
Fashion artist
London, United Kingdom

Course Fee: Individual payments scheme available.
Please contact me for information:

You have the chance to continue your study to become a BA ZI Astrologer. 
In order to become a BA ZI Astrologer do the following courses:

Advanced Chinese Horoscopes BaZi Course I.

  1. What clients say about Feng Shui consultations with Master Kristina
  2. Stems, Branches and Big Fate
  3. Earthy Branches, Hidden Heavenly Stems Table
  4. Stem and Branch Combinations
  5. Twenty –Four Chi’s
  6. Empty page for practicing Stems and Branches clashes and combinations
  7. General principles
  8. How to examine a Horoscope strong or weak
  9. Sap San constructive cycle
  10. Sap San Divinations
  11. Heavenly Stems Sap San Cycle
  12. Earthly Branches Sap San Cycle
  13. Twelve palaces and their meanings
  14. Easy method of calculating Empty Palaces
  15. Lap yang Elements and their meanings
  16. Life House calculations
  17. Special Forms
    • Follow the direction
    • Follow the Weak leader
    • Chi Transform
    • Follow the Strong
  18. Sample Horoscopes
  19. How the Five Elements influence character and personality

Advanced Chinese Horoscopes BaZi Course II.

  1. Sap San constructive cycle
  2. Sap San Divinations
  3. Heavenly Stems Sap San Cycle
  4. Earthly Branches Sap San Cycle
  5. Special Forms
    • Follow the direction
    • Follow the Weak leader
    • Chi Transform
    • Follow the Strong
  6. Life House 12 Mansions
  7. Sap San relating to the six Kinships
  8. How to pick the right supporting elements from horoscope:
    • Horoscope too hot and dry, or too wet and cold
    • If in the horoscope they are two elements against each other
    • Weak horoscope( support or help)
    • Strong horoscope( drain or control)
  9. How to select the supportive elements from the strong horoscope
  10. How to select  the supportive elements from the weak horoscope
  11. Fan Tai Sui – Crash to the Grand Duke
  12. San Sat – Fairies and Devils- Good and Bad Stars
    Tin Yute Gwai  Yan, Man Cheung , Yeung Yan, Sap Gron Luk, Loy/Hong Yim Sat, Jeung Sing,
    Wah Koi, YikMa, Gip Sat, Mong San, Toe Far, Goo San,  Qua Suk, Yun San,Tin Duk, Yute Duk and Yute Jeung
  13. Sample Horoscopes

Advanced Chinese Horoscopes BaZi Course III.

  1. Dangerous, Noble, Lowly and poor, wealthy horoscopes
  2. Dangerous, wealthy, dangerous and poor horoscopes
  3. Die young, lowly and poor, poor, noble and wealthy horoscopes
  4. Wealthy, poor and lowly, noble and wealthy, die young horoscope
  5. Noble and wealthy, dangerous, poor and dangerous, longevity and wealth
  6. Die young, dangerous, dangerous, noble horoscopes
  7. BaZi 111 Charts
  8. Yute Jeung
  9. Sample horoscopes

Advanced Chinese Horoscopes BaZi Course IV.

  1. Yute Jeung
  2. Sap San – 10 Divinations
  3. 10 Divinations relating to the Constructive Cycle
  4. Heavenly Stems Sap Sun Cycle
  5. San Sat – Fairies and Devils- Good and Bad Stars

The above courses can be done in small groups and/or in individual form.

  • 9 × 1 day as a Webinar
  • 6 × 2 days in the form of a personal seminar

The tuition fee will be agreed individually.
Due to determine the tuition fee for you please contact Dr. Kristina Neuhauser Authentic Chinese Horoscope Master via