Imperial Chinese Astrology Course

Imperial Chinese Astrology Course

Teacher: Dr. Phil. Kristina Neuhauser, Imperial Chinese Astrology Master


The twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac


Astrology is not a religion. You do not have to believe in astrology to participate in this course. This imperial course is very easy to learn and practical. Previous experience is not necessary.

Master Kristina is teaching in two schools established by her in London, The Imperial School of Professional Feng Shui and in Budapest Imperial Court of Feng Shui.

As a professional horoscope maker Master, she prepares horoscopes and hold courses in English, German and Hungarian languages.

Her students and clients around the world recognize her expertise and responsible work.

After completing the course you will have an attendance certificate and/or diploma depending on beginner or advanced course you choose.


What does the beginner Imperial Chinese Astrology course include?

The aim of this course is to provide full and comprehensive training in various fields of the application of imperial Chinese astrology. When we begin our studies, one of the first tasks will be to read and understand the 10.000-year-old authentic Chinese calendar. This includes the learning of the Chinese characters as well.

This will prepare you for opening your own Chinese horoscope. Learning from the example of your own horoscope, you will be able to find solutions for your long term problems. These problems can be related to  relationship, career, home (house, flat) or to your future.

Examples of questions which will be answered:

  1. What is the profession that suits my abilities and talents?
  2. Does working abroad bring me good luck and more money?
  3. How to achieve a better understanding of my partner/boyfriend/husband?
  4. How to make my relationships with my friends and family more harmonious?
  5. What is the best time for family planning, for having children?
  6. What karmic relationships are present in my horoscope?
  7. What is the best time to purchase a new apartment or house in the given year?
  8. When and where to move to be healthy and have money?
  9. The luckiest cardinal directions according to the individual horoscope to be healthy, successful in career and accumulate wealth.


You will have a clear view about your capabilities based on your Chinese horoscope. This knowledge will help you to accept and understand yourself and/or change your lifestyle accordingly.

In face of an important decision, your Chinese horoscope will show you the way to the right decision.

New horizons and opportunities may open up to you about all the above issues knowing your own Constellation.


I invite you to watch this free video that relating to the symbol of the Dragon.
This is one of the creatures of the Chinese Zodiac.

What are the advantages of Imperial Chinese Astrology course for you?

  1. ​Deep insight into the authentic Chinese characters based on the Chinese philosophy of Taoism ​
  2. The spelling and the meaning of the Chinese characters are the part of the Curriculum
  3. Analysis of the Chinese horoscope from 10 different aspects.
  4. Reading and understanding the 10,000-year-old Chinese calendar
  5. After completing the course you will have an attendance certificate and/or diploma depending on the course you choose
  6. If you wish to expand your knowledge after the completion of the beginner course, then you can continue the learning on an advanced course with Master Kristina

What are the benefits of the training?

  • Course material will be sent to you by email
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for further continued support from Master Kristina.


How do you apply for the Imperial Chinese Astrology course?

To apply, fill out the registration form and send the completed application form by e-mail to Master Kristina :


For more information about the price,
please contact Master Kristina


Disciple review:

Dearest Kristina,

I really find it difficult to convey to you my deepest thanks.

Thank you is the most heartfelt words that I can say to you.

I returned home after the Feng Shui course a different woman, a stronger woman with
a plan to improve our family’s life. It is because of your kindness and knowledge which
have passed on to me.

You have shown me how to be ME…

Your deep understanding of the world, within yourself and linked to Feng Shui of which
you so generally gave me over the weekend.

I have already changed the bedroom and planning to tackle
the list I made during the course.

I feel so much more positive and you have been instrumental
in this change. I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity
to learn from you. Thank you so much Kristina.


Jamini Jethwa-Field



Clients reviews:

terryI met Kristina Neuhauser in Bali a few years ago.
She did a mini Chinese astrology on me then that was great.
She just completed a full reading on myself and family… Honestly I am amazed…
The accuracy and the advice was truly astounding and very useful in my life!!!

Terry Sarrazin
Financial Planner
Ottawa, Canada



lillianI am sooo happy to be assured that we got the time right.
I would recommend you to anybody and already when still in
Bali gave you raving reviews to anyone who was interested in
my yoga group.  As feedback to you…I am already experiencing the powerful beneficial effects of the reading
and I am always mindful of the key themes that emerged.
It truly provided invaluable direction and the timing was so helpful.
Thank you once again for sharing your wisdom and talent.

All the best to you,


Dr. Lillian Esses
207-1700 Corydon Avenue
Winnipeg, MB.


You have the chance to continue your study to become a BA ZI Astrologer. 
In order to become a BA ZI Astrologer do the following courses:

Advanced Imperial Chinese Horoscopes BaZi Course I.

  1. What clients say about Feng Shui consultations with Master Kristina
  2. Stems, Branches and Big Fate
  3. Earthy Branches, Hidden Heavenly Stems Table
  4. Stem and Branch Combinations
  5. Twenty –Four Chi’s
  6. Empty page for practicing Stems and Branches clashes and combinations
  7. General principles
  8. How to examine a Horoscope strong or weak
  9. Sap San constructive cycle
  10. Sap San Divinations
  11. Heavenly Stems Sap San Cycle
  12. Earthly Branches Sap San Cycle
  13. Twelve palaces and their meanings
  14. Easy method of calculating Empty Palaces
  15. Lap yang Elements and their meanings
  16. Life House calculations
  17. Special Forms
    • Follow the direction
    • Follow the Weak leader
    • Chi Transform
    • Follow the Strong
  18. Sample Horoscopes
  19. How the Five Elements influence character and personality


Advanced Imperial Chinese Horoscopes BaZi Course II.

  1. Sap San constructive cycle
  2. Sap San Divinations
  3. Heavenly Stems Sap San Cycle
  4. Earthly Branches Sap San Cycle
  5. Special Forms
    • Follow the direction
    • Follow the Weak leader
    • Chi Transform
    • Follow the Strong
  6. Life House 12 Mansions
  7. Sap San relating to the six Kinships
  8. How to pick the right supporting elements from horoscope:
    • Horoscope too hot and dry, or too wet and cold
    • If in the horoscope they are two elements against each other
    • Weak horoscope( support or help)
    • Strong horoscope( drain or control)
  9. How to select the supportive elements from the strong horoscope
  10. How to select  the supportive elements from the weak horoscope
  11. Fan Tai Sui – Crash to the Grand Duke
  12. San Sat – Fairies and Devils- Good and Bad Stars
    Tin Yute Gwai  Yan, Man Cheung , Yeung Yan, Sap Gron Luk, Loy/Hong Yim Sat, Jeung Sing,
    Wah Koi, YikMa, Gip Sat, Mong San, Toe Far, Goo San,  Qua Suk, Yun San,Tin Duk, Yute Duk and Yute Jeung
  13. Sample Horoscopes


Advanced Imperial Chinese Horoscopes BaZi Course III.

  1. Dangerous, Noble, Lowly and poor, wealthy horoscopes
  2. Dangerous, wealthy, dangerous and poor horoscopes
  3. Die young, lowly and poor, poor, noble and wealthy horoscopes
  4. Wealthy, poor and lowly, noble and wealthy, die young horoscope
  5. Noble and wealthy, dangerous, poor and dangerous, longevity and wealth
  6. Die young, dangerous, dangerous, noble horoscopes
  7. BaZi 111 Charts
  8. Yute Jeung
  9. Sample horoscopes


Advanced Imperial Chinese Horoscopes BaZi Course IV.

  1. Yute Jeung
  2. Sap San – 10 Divinations
  3. 10 Divinations relating to the Constructive Cycle
  4. Heavenly Stems Sap Sun Cycle
  5. San Sat – Fairies and Devils- Good and Bad Stars


The above courses can be done in small groups and/or in individual form.

  • 6 × 2 days in the form of a personal seminar

The tuition fee will be agreed individually.
Due to determine the tuition fee for you please contact Dr. Kristina Neuhauser Imperial Chinese Horoscope Master via