Advanced Imperial Feng Shui B course

Advanced Imperial Feng Shui B course


Imperial Lo Pan Chue Style

This course also gives you practical understanding of the stars of our Solar system and their influences on the Earth.

During this Advanced Imperial Feng Shui course Master Kristina will teach methods of calculations as well as Form School principles in an easily understandable way. Practical knowledge will be given by analysis of properties.
The complexity of the Chinese compass and with the Chinese characters is also taught. The Chinese compass is a sign of professionalism among Feng Shui consultants.
You will be able to determine the positive energy areas in your home and office with great benefits.
A certificate of Attendance is awarded on completion of the Advanced Imperial Feng Shui course.

Topics include:

• Ba Chop – Eight Mansion style – Identify areas of positive energy within your home and office and learn to utilize them for your benefit

• Ba Chop room by room

• Flying Stars – Gain valuable insights on how the quality of space changes over time. Identify areas that could be affecting health, career and illness

• Flying Stars for the year and the month – How areas change according to different times of year

• The 24 Mountains – 24 different energies around the compass

• Form school – Learn the significance of our external environment and how they can have an effect to those living or working in the property

• Grand Master Yung´s 9 Curses – which area can be afflicted by negative energy

• The 10 Heavenly Stems and the 12 Earthly Branches with the 60 year cycle

• Property orientations; site and facing

• Methodical guides to developing a consultation

• Practical study



-          Start date: 07/09/2018.
-          N of days in total: 8 days (2 days at a time)
-          School: Imperial School of Professional Feng Shui
-          Teacher: Master Kristina Neuhauser
-          Language: English
-          City: Windsor
-          Country: UK
-          Course fee: £ 168 per day

For more information about this imperial course,
please contact Master Kristina

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Feng Shui Teaching Recognition
Feng Shui course result

“Dear Kristina,

The Feng Shui teaching you gave me meant the basic tools and appreciation of the link between the environment,
the law of nature to live in harmony at home, as it definitely has an effect on our wellbeing.
Since I came back to Namibia last weekend, I have been cleaning and rearranging my office altogether,
and it feels nice and cosy now. I have now in view of re-shuffling the living room!!:-). So I am definitely practising
what you have taught me and it is already making a positive difference in our lives.
In France I have re-arranged completely my office, living room, clearing and cleansing. Gave a lot of things away.
My Mum thought I have gone mad!!:-).

Kind regards
Shipyard Agent