What will 2017 have in store for you?

What will 2017 have in store for you?


2017 is Fire Rooster Year

Find out what 2017 will bring you and what steps to take to make it a success. 

Master Kristina is a world renowned in the precise art of yearly predictions. 
Find out answers to important questions like: 

  • What is in store for my health and finances?  
  • What are my career chances for 2017?
  • Will it be a good time to get married? 
  • Should we start family planning?

If your birth year is the year of the Rooster (1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993) it could unlock tremendous potential for you.
Be aware of it! Make the most of it with the help of your lucky stars in 2017.



Rabbits look out for challenges!
Be careful when making important decisions because a wrong decision can have serious consequences.
Avoid dangerous sports such as bungee jumping, skydiving, kite surfing.

If your birth year is in Rabbit years (e.g. 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999) you need to be extra cautious in 2017.


Read Master Kristina’s advice for some celebrities
who were born in Rabbit years

Angelina Jolie‘s challenges will continue 2017 as she is born in Wooden Rabbit year. 


After her separation from her husband 2016, next year will probably bring her even more challenges in her career and finances. She is advised to be frugal with expenses. It is recommended for her to think deeply before making an important decision in heart matters or starting new investments. 

Johnny Depp


After his divorce settlement from Amber Heard in August which cost him 7 million $ this year, Johnny should be really cautious with finances. As the star was born in Water Rabbit year which can mean ongoing arguments about finances and other sort of relationship problems. It is definitely not a good time for him to try to get into a new relationship. 

Find out where you stand  with romance and money matters to avoid disappointments and financial losses in 2017.
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