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Where has the time gone?

the-persistence-of-memorySalvador Dali: The Persistence of Memory, 1931

We are living in fast changing times. This day and age brings forward rapid changes which require adaptation in not time.
Astrological experts relate the fast changes to the planet of Mercury which is in a retrograde phase.
Mercury Retrograde is not the time to relax and sit back.
One needs to be more alert and flexible as sudden transformations can happen.
Retrograde meaning everything can be reversed from good to bad and vice versa.
Through the worldwide web we are connected to the worldwide events instantaneously.

The world around us requires getting used to:

- Faster cars
- Faster communication
- Faster mobile phones
- Faster airplanes

ferrari-california-554819_1920Ferrari California T, maximum speed: 310 km/h

airplane-749539_1920Qantas, maximum speed: 900 km/h

How fast can you change?

Career changes during a lifetime

Long time ago, people had one career throughout their lives.
Nowadays people have more than one career in their lives. Maybe you are among them.

Victoria Beckham as one of the Spice Girls


Victoria changes Fashion designer and businesswoman


Victoria is an English businesswoman, fashion designer, model, and singer.
She was a famous singer in Spice Girls first.
In the last 10 years, she has become a model, fashion designer and businesswoman.

Deepak Chopra
From Doctor to Alternative Healing Guru


Deepak Chopra is an American author, public speaker, alternative medicine advocate,
and a prominent figure in the New Age movement. Deepak Chopra used to be an endocrinology MD.
He has become one of the best-known and wealthiest figures in alternative medicine.

Caroline Myss
From Publisher to Spiritual Writer


Caroline Myss is an American author of numerous books and audio tapes,
including five New York Times Best Sellers: Anatomy of the Spirit.
She started her career in journalism in Chicago in 1974.

How do we know that our lives have accelerated?

Mercury as Trickster energy brings the speed

mercuryMercury in Fire Rooster Sign

Mercury: the planet of communication and changes

Mercury as a planet symbolizes all forms of communication.
According to the Chinese Astrology’s Five elements theory, Mercury is in Fire now.
The nature of Fire is fast and changeable.
This is one of the reasons our communication is getting faster and faster.

Especially in 2017 we are facing fast changes in our social and in private lives as well. 


As Fire is a very active and changeable element it is advisable to plan to slow down before you make life decisions.
Moving house or changing jobs will have far-reaching effects on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.
Take time to consider such a move.

How to benefit from Mercury’s positive influence and how to avoid the negative ones?

Pay extra attention to the following areas during this year:

- Good communication – double check your emails and mobile SMS if your message has gone through or not

- Travelling – make your travel plans very cautiously. Allow time for delays or blockages on the road

- Planning – It can happen that some of your plans will not turn out as you planned. Take time to plan carefully ahead

Misunderstandings and stressful situations by communication gone the wrong way

For example: When you agree on where to meet, make it clear which place it is.
Ask which station when you agree on, any town, any place.
Otherwise, you may end up waiting for each other at different railway stations of the same town.
Avoid a comedy of errors!

547_dali_gareSalvador Dali: The Railway station at Perpignan, 1965

grand-central-station-768573_1920New York Central Station 2017

How to avoid disappointments in communication and planning in 2017?

- Preparing a meeting or an appointment check the details several times

- Before the meeting with your client or partner, send them reminders about the venue, time.

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The strongest energy of the Spring season



What is the quality of Wood like?

The Chinese character for Wood represents a tree Wood. The vertical line is trunk and the horizontal is the Earth. The lower lines are the roots and the top is for the branches. In nature the color of Wood is green.



Looking into the Chinese Lunar Calendar for Spring months

In Chinese astrology the season of Wood is the Springtime. The time of the rising energy.

March is symbolizing the Rabbit (Yin) Wood month. February was the Tiger month in the Chinese calendar.

21st March is the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere according to the Solar calendar.

Trees, bushes and Spring flowers are bursting with new energy.


Look at the Spring flowers bursting with new energy

Which room is the Feng Shui position of Wood in an ideal home?

Energetically, Wood represents Chi that is rising, growing and moving upwards. Therefore in an ideal home with Feng Shui design the East or South-East rooms are the best locations for a child’s room. They are good for young people’s energy.



What do Sir Richard Branson and Sir David Attenborough have in common?

Both are born in the year of the Tiger. The Tiger is representing the Yang Wood element in the Chinese Astrology. Both of them have a sense of structure or order to be able to grow. They are strong Wooden personalities. They were able to assert themselves in unconventional ways. Both of them have humor and can exercise calmness in mind which is also typical for Wooden person.

451e2f39990a6993e38cfd1b15266fccSir Richard Branson
Famous entrepreneur and multimillionaire


Sir David Attenborough
Famous BBC documentary filmmaker and biologist


What happens if a Wooden person’s frustration and anger is blocked?

109508-john_lennon_617_409John Lennon
Beatles founder, song-writer, revolutionary

John Lennon is a typical Wood type person who did not want to accept the conventional rules and was rebelling against them. He was blessed with exceptional talent for playing music and writing beautiful lyrics for songs.
Feng Shui Master Kristina Neuhauser



​​Eye to eye with President Trump

The Chinese Face Reading of Donald Trump,
the 45th President of the USA


The Chinese Face Reading originated over 3.000 years ago.
This method used to be how Chinese doctors diagnosed a patient.
All features of the face correlate to certain organs of the body.
This wisdom understands that the face can show the health or sickness of the body organs.
The five elements of the Chinese medicine will be used in Face Reading
to describe the energies of the body and the person.


Let’s have a look at President Trump’s face.
His face can be analyzed in Chinese Face Reading based on

the following features: nose, eyebrows, ears and eyes and more.

Just let me give you a Face Reading analysis of the President’s intellectual,
emotional and physical state based on the above features.


Nose is the so-called moneybox in Chinese Face Reading.
His nose reflects solid moneybox and his substantial wealth.
He has a meaty nose with nostrils that are not too open,
then this implies that he has good money Chi.
It is easy for him to keep his wealth.

Bushy eyebrow:

​His eyebrows are thick and bushy.
He enjoys being in control and exudes strong masculinity.
As he has a protruding brow bone, it shows that he can be very controlling.


Because his ears are long and large it indicates he can maintain health through old age.
His earlobes are attached to the side of his face.
It is a sign that he cares about family affairs and he can be attached to his family members. 



He has deep-set eyes with a narrow and probing look.
He seems to have a tendency to be analytical and critical


His chin is showing ambition, determination and practicality.

Let’s see how these characteristics show in President Trump’s life.


His millions started to come from the hotel business.
His famous Grand Hyatt refurbishment made him New York City best known
and financially successful developer. He was involved in casino gambling
business in New Jersey and Atlantic City. He made multi-million investments as
Trump Plaza, Trump Tower, Trump Taj Mahal.
He is one of the wealthiest persons who became a US President.


He has got five children and he has got eight grandchildren.
His children, his son-in-laws, his family members like brother,

they all participate in his corporation and wealth.


After his inauguration, his first order as president stood to minimize
the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.
He started the construction projects to build a new Mexico border wall and reinforce border security.



Good and Bad Feng Shui in bedroom

The principal function of a bedroom is to promote restful sleep. The arrangement of the furniture in the bedroom should support the healthy sleep and not disturb it. The colours in the bedroom should be calm and subtle so that harmony and peace ensured in the room all the time. What is the best type of furniture for a bedroom? Which colours are suitable for the bedroom? Please look at the pictures below and decide for yourself. Put your Feng Shui glasses on and see the two bedrooms through those Feng Shui eyes.

Bedroom number 1.

bad FS bedroom 1


Red colour bedspread and black and white colour picture above the headboard of the bed add to the extremes of this bedroom.

What is your feeling about this bedroom?
Do you know why it is bad Feng Shui?

bad FS bedroom 2

Can you see where the poison energy moving in this bedroom? Could you imagine that you have a good refreshing sleep in this bedroom? You can answer these questions for yourself as the comments above speak for themselves.

Bedroom number 2.


good FS bedroom 1


What is your feeling about this environment?
Do you know why it is good Feng Shui?

good FS bedroom 2


Can you see the gentle energy movement in this room? Can you imagine how your sleep would be restful and rejuvenative in this welcoming environment? Answer these questions for yourself.

How about your bedroom? What is the energy movement in your bedroom? Is it conducive to healthy, restful sleep?

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Chinese Astrological Predictions are not like fortune telling!


One of my Chinese Horoscope clients asked me the following ​question​:​

What is the difference between professional Chinese Astrology Predictions and fortune telling?

I thought it was worth answering it in the form of a research and a practical example.
I wish to debunk an old myth.

​There is a big difference between predictions and fortune tellings.​ Over the years, I have been following Master Chan’s yearly predictions. I experienced that the predictions are not like fortune telling just the opposite.

What is fortune telling?

Fortune-telling is the practice of ​​fortelling​ an event in a person’s life. The term fortune-telling implies a less serious setting, even one of popular culture, where there is a belief in occult workings of mysterious forces over the individual’s life. The individual has no responsibility or freedom to act against those forces.



How do Chinese astrological predictions differ?

​Personal predictions​

Master Chan’s immense knowledge is​ how to do personal predictions ​in the right form. So they are ​like suggestions of spiritual or practical advisory art considering the​ ​BA ZI ​, the Yearly Life House method of the individual.​ We are able to benefit from the ancient skill of Predictions practiced in the Imperial Court of China since Great Grandmaster Chue Yuen entrusted ​these secrets to our Grand Master Chan​.

​Global predictions ​

By using different methods Grand Master Chan is able to predict forthcoming events in the financial, political field for the whole globe.​ Just as well for personal relationships and human behavior​ or global weather changes for the year​.​ These methods include the 24 Heaven Stars method with the Jee Ba Flying Star method, the Ba Zi and ​the Yearly Life House ​analysis, the Chue Yik and the month-by-month method of Prediction using the I Ching 6 Kinships Hexagrams.


What is the purpose of the yearly personal ​prediction?

​I was able to make an important life decision ​based upon ​the analysis of ​my yearly ​prediction. So I could decide if the ​year and any month of the year in question​​ was ​auspicious for the life decision or not. ​It helped me in the Tai Soy year to be aware how to organize my yearly plans to avoid ​a bad luck​.​​

This kind of prediction ​could ​help​ my family members and friends ​as well to make the right choice of action to avoid bad fortune ​while travelling ​or planning to get married and by family planning.

In my circle of friends and family relations there are examples of happy ​marriages and childbirth according to the individual prediction advice I gave them.


​Examples of predictions of forthcoming events in 2016 Fire Monkey year


What is the quality of the Fire Monkey energy?

The energy of the Fire Monkey year is characterized by speed, constant mobility and hyperactivity. Have you heard of Monkey business? Changing all the time?

This year of the Fire Monkey brought​​ us the Fire Monkey month in the lunar calendar as well! ​So the fiery energy affected​ all of us with double power. The Fire symbolizes the spirituality, which is positive, but the fast-moving energy as well the Monkey. Therefore the danger is to experience reckless and very quick decisions or emotions in human relationships as well as in politics.

Sudden changes in human relationships and in politics

Fire Yang which represents also joy, passion, but it can mean vehemence, impulsiveness. In Western astrology the planet ruling this year is Mars planet of warfare in ancient Roman mythology.

So it is not surprising that intense emotions and sudden changes in human relations can happen. For example, Ozzy Osbourne (British singer) and Sharon Osbourne (British television host) announced in May that they will divorce after 33 years of marriage.




Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt also announced their split after 12 years together on 15th September.



The people of Great Britain is voted for Brexit.
Split between UK and EU Countries.



Case study example of Tai Soy Year​

My research is ongoing in this deep subject as there is so much hidden information to be learned from the yearly Chue style predictions.

​The​ article​ ​published in the in Lap Chun 2016 newsletter is an example for my one of the research subjects related to predictions and specially to Tai Soy​ Years .​ The article analyses Sir Richard Branson’s BA ZI and his personal luck chances in 2016 in his Tai Soy year​.​

It was a reminder for Richard Branson​ who loves adventure to be careful and be less adventurous. Especially in August, the Fire Monkey month of the Fire monkey year.


Sir Richard Branson’s Life Philosophy

“My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them … from the perspective of wanting to live life to the full, I felt that I had to attempt it.” – Sir Richard Branson


Prediction for 2016 regarding ​Sir Richard’s upcoming​ Tai Soy ​year

2016 is his Tai Soi year, because he has double Tiger in his horoscope. How does it relate to the Monkey year? The Monkey and the Tiger are in opposition to each other. These are polarized souls exactly in opposition.​ The Monkey in opposition to the Tiger means dangers, mishaps or calamities​ to the Tiger​. As​ ​​it was shown ​above in 2011 and in 2012, the Monkey months did not bring Sir Richard any good luck.

​It was​ advised​ for Sir Richard to be extremely careful in his manners, avoid adventurous behavior in the Fire Monkey month between 8th August 2016 and 8th September 2016 and also to wear red color and protective stones all year around.


​What happened to Sir Richard in the Fire monkey month​ 2016?

Sir Richard published an article on www.virgin.com about his “unfortunate adventure” on Gorda Virgin Island 24th August 2016​. The article “MY LIFE FLASHED BEFORE MY EYES” describes his accident that almost cost his life. It happened to be of the 5th anniversary of the fire on Necker Island where his multimillion Great Mansion burned down.​


​So it is easy to understand the benefits of the yearly predictions from the above examples.
But it is not enough to understand the teachings only!

There is freedom of choice for action and it is the person’s responsibility to follow the advice in the prediction. It is his/her responsibility to recognize the wrong track of habits or behavior and change them.

Master Kristina Neuhauser



Amazing Face Reading


Chinese Face Reading as a quick and easy method of getting to know another person.  
This theory is based on the ancient Chinese art of Face Reading used by the Emperors when they choose the future Empress by paintings or photos of their faces. 
Face Reading can be awesome! 
It can reveal insight into the art how a person will behave in relationships with you whether you wish to be in business with him or as a family member or loved one. 

It can give you invaluable information about the other person.  


Lips can reveal so much about how you behave in intimate relationship. 


With full natural lips women like Angeline Jolie like to be mothers and they can be self-sacrificial as well. Loving and giving more than they receive. 


Narrow upper lip means that the person have difficulties in his/her relationship. 
From time to time she would like to be on her own. For example: Kate Middleton


Example of a Water face born in a Pig year


This is a Water face as it tends to be flabby​ with​ a double chin. The shape is irregular. This type of person with Water face likes jokes with people. He​ tends to flick his legs and twitch his fingers​ and likes to ​move a lot.

What a coincidence! Sir Alfred Hitchcock was born in a Pig year. The Pig belongs to the Water element. His date of birth ​is ​13th August 1899 03:15 a.m. The overall feature of his face can remind us of a Pig. The eyes, ears, nostrils, lips and the chin are showing characteristics of the Pig.


Example of an Earth face born in a Pig year


This face has the characteristic of an Earth face. It is ​a round face. It has ​more firmness of the facial features as opposed to the Water face person. People with Earth, round face are kind hearted, loves to help others. The Earth people like to socialize. Interesting coincidence that he was born 25th March 1947 02:00 a.m.​ in a Pig year as well. The eyes, ears, nostrils​, lips and the chin are also ​showing characteristics of ​a Pig.


Please contact me to have your Face Reading consultation to benefit your business or your personal relationships.

Master Kristina Neuhauser


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Fire Monkey Year Fire Monkey Month

Avoid being hot-headed in the double Fire 


How to avoid sudden and reckless decisions and actions?

Whole Europe was shocked by the decision, when David Cameron announced the Brexit. The former prime minister announced the British people made the most democratic vote ever in history. After this decision was made, thousands of people demonstrated in London, that they changed their minds about Brexit. This hot-headed mentality is not accidental in the year of the Fire Monkey! Let’s look at the reasons.

According to the traditional Chinese calendar, the Monkey month is between 7th August and 7th September and this year it has Yang Fire.
What does the Monkey energy means?

The energy of the Monkey is characterized by speed, constant mobility and hyperactivity. Have you heard of Monkey business? Changing all the time? 

This year of the Fire Monkey bring us the Fire Monkey month in the lunar calendar as well so the fiery energy affects all of us with double power. The Fire symbolizes the spirituality, which is positive, but the fast-moving energy as well the Monkey. Therefore the danger is to experience reckless and very quick decisions or emotions in human relationships as well as in politics.


These characteristics can also be seen historically in the years of Fire Monkey.
4th July 1776, the USA declares the independence from the King of England as a result of a victorious revolution.
60 years ago, 1956 was also a Fire Monkey year, when the Hungarian revolution against the Russian occupation broke out in Budapest in October. 

Sudden changes in human relationships

Fire Yang which represents also joy, passion, but it can mean vehemence, impulsiveness. In Western astrology the planet ruling this year is Mars planet of warfare in ancient Roman mythology. 
So it is not surprising that intense emotions and sudden changes in human relations can happen. For example, Ozzy Osbourne (British singer) and Sharon Osbourne (British television host) announced in May that they will divorce after 33 years of marriage.

The first Brexit

Extraordinary changes can be observed in international relations and in politics also as the already mentioned Brexit. In history, there are more examples for religious wars.
1536 is a perfect example for the first Brexit also a Fire Monkey year.
VIII. Henry broke with the Pope, the Catholic Church and founded the Anglican Church. This was the first Brexit.


Burning Samurai sword in the presidential election

Metal symbolizes honesty, nobility and righteousness. If this is connected to the Fire then it can symbolize a Samurai sword, which is dipped into the fire. It can cut things that do not serve higher ideals. Currently the US presidential election, where there is a high voltage debate and struggle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump gives us a good example for that. 


Calming down with yoga and meditation

External struggle in our individual world may appear to be difficult. Inspires us to pay more attention and be more responsible before we take action and actions. My advice is to find harmony in the chaos with yoga and meditation. 

Those are especially affected whose horoscopes have the element of the Tiger and the Monkey and the sign of the Metal or Fire.
Those who were born in the year of the Tiger must be very careful about their decisions!

If all the above is “Chinese” for you, please ask for my professional advice.

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The quality of the Seasonal Chi


Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow.
Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

Lao Tzu

What is Summer Chi like?

It is the season of summer we are enjoying on the Northern Hemisphere and the weather is hot. The specific element associated with summer is Fire.
2016 is Yang Fire and will be followed by a Yin Fire year 2017 in the cycle of 60 lunar years made up of five twelve –year cycles. The Yang Fire element is likened to the Sun, the opposite is the Yin Fire can be symbolized by a candlelight.

Looking into the Lunar Calendar for Fire months

In Chinese astrology each season is assigned three months.

The Lunar months of the Snake, the Horse and the Sheep are associated with summer. May and June, the first two months represent Fire, but the fixed element of the third month of any given season is the Earth. The Snake month has its fixed element of Yin Fire that is still growing in strength.

The Horse month has the fixed element of Yang Fire that is fully grown, and has its peak at the time of Summer Solstice. This is the strongest phase for the Fire element.

After the second Chi of the Horse month 21st/ 22nd June, the Fire is still strong and the weather is hot. It can represent Sat Chi meaning harm or destruction as well i.e. forest fires in the South.

As of 7th July the Sheep month, the Power of the Fire is coming to an end slowly and the Earth Chi is born as the child of fire. The newly born Earth has the Yin Chi quality and Sang Chi in it. So the Yin Fire has grown into Yang Fire that gave birth to the Yin Earth. This is also based on the same law as the Yin and Yang of the Universe, one extreme leads to the birth of the opposite.

So the Sheep Earth month of the season will bring in the change of season. In a four season climate this change means that the weather can swing between summer and autumn for a couple of weeks.

What is the nature of the Fire energy for Homes?

Do you feel relaxed in the heat? Can you sleep well in a stuffy room heated by the sun all day long? Do you feel active and still sleep well?

In the Lo Shu, Magic Square the number of Fire is 9, a Yang active number. It is located in the South. This is why we recommend that in the man made environment the best place for the kitchen is in the South. It is not advisable to have your bedroom in the area of your home with strong Fire energy.

We all have experienced that fiery energy is pulsating, always moving, not resting just like a hyperactive child. These effects can cause tiredness and agitation when working in the heat on the long run.


Chinese Medicine and the Fire organs

Fire in the human body represented by the heart, as the Chinese call it, the Emperor organ. Why?

The function of the heart is pumping the energy, moving the whole body.

The heart is where our spirit dwells, so it has a spiritual role as well. The heart controls the human behavior and actions. Take care that your heart is not overburdened with Fire energy:

Do not eat too spicy food, drink alcohol or do too much intellectual work in the heat of summer.

Too much of the above Fire energy can damage your heart and cause high blood pressure, heart attack.

The Late Heaven Trigram of the Fire, Lei represented by the eyes. The eyes are very active all day long while we are awake. The Fire quality in the BA ZI /supportive or avoid element/ can give information about the health of a person’s eyes.

Follow the natural cycle of the seasons
to be able to benefit from the Sang Chi

​​To avoid the Fire that is getting too strong in the environment it is best to be in nature where we can find the elements of Water or Earth. We seek relief from the scorching Sun as go to swim at the beach or go hiking in the mountains. Summer as it gives us the opportunity to spend a lot of time in nature. Following the natural Chi is about following the natural cycle of the seasons. You probably felt like being more active in May, and June, as the daylight hours were getting longer and the Sun warmed the air and the temperature at midday reached its peak. But then it is also necessary to relax after increased activity times for a balanced lifestyle.

 “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
Lao Tzu


In July and August we naturally follow the Yin Chi, as it is our holiday season. It is time to get relaxed and having more fun in nature to balance the​ Yin and Yang energy in the body, mind and soul.

Strengthen your mind and body relation with gardening


The feeling of being in tune with this season can mean that you will be interested in doing a little gardening. Being in nature as well as gardening can be beneficial to your ​body and soul. Nature can awaken liveliness within you. Gardening is a great way for grounding the body and mind after spending too long time on the Internet or doing other increased mental activities.

Meditation in nature or in the garden

Anyone can turn gardening or being in nature into a meditative experience without realizing it. You may be already using it as a meditation practice. Chanting, repeating a mantra, praying, or singing will have positive effects not only on your own peace of mind, but also on all plants and animals around you. Wherever you are in pristine nature, the smell of fresh earth, the sounds of water fall, birdsongs or the warmth of the sun will lend you a sense of calm you and help to reach a meditative state of mind in itself, in a passive, unintentional version.


Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.”
Dalai Lama

Tune in with natural sounds

The best way to tune in to natural sounds is to spend time in nature or in your garden and listen to the sounds of the natural environment. Birdsongs, waterfalls, and mountain brooks, garden ponds and wind chimes can enhance the peacefulness of your gardening experience.


We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.
Dalai Lama

Breathing Techniques

Make sure that you practice some breathing exercises in your garden or in nature. Breathe deeply and slowly, and allow yourself to become aware of your role as nourishes to the environment. Share your breath with your environment, and let your body and soul be nourished.

Chi Gong

I am one of the many Chi Gong students taught by Master Chan. My experience of daily Qi Gong practice is that it released blockages in the body. It helped me also to look and feel younger. When you practice you will be able to have a better connection to other people, as well as to the Earth energy during your Feng Shui consultations.


In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.”
Dalai Lama


Master Kristina Neuhauser


Follow the Summer Chi

“As the sun spirals its longest dance,
Cleanse us.
As nature shows bounty and fertility,
Bless us.
Let all things live with loving intent
And fulfill their truest destiny.”

 woman reading a book in hammock at the Caribbean beach

What is the Summer Chi like?

Summer is activity time!

The days are getting longer and the air is getting warmer because the increased amount of sunshine. 

In May, June, and July the air is the warmest and the quality of Chi is Yang. 
This type of energy tells us to be cautious especially in countries of the South like the Mediterranean, North-Africa or the Arab countries as the strength of the sun can be too much and the heat can be scorching. 


Food and drink in the heat of the Summer

So especially, people who live in the above hot countries need to:

  • Drink more water (2 liters per day). 
  • Eat more hydrating foods and fresh vegetables. For examples: melons, pineapple, cucumber and salads. 



The organs which effected by the heat of the Summer are the skin, then small intestines and the lungs. Skin care is great importance in the heat of the sun.
Avoid alcohol as it means too much Fire energy to the body and heats up the system which can be already hot in the hot air. 
You should take also salty foods, or drink salty water in case of physical activity in the heat. Himalaya salt, sea salt, salt from the Dead Sea are good quality to be used. 


What does Summer Solstice mean?

The height of the Chi on 21st June and 22nd June in Chinese calendar called Ha Gee.
This time is the peak of the sun’s position above the Northern Hemisphere. It is the time of increased pressure and extreme of the activity. Until this point the Yang energy was growing to reach its peak. After this tipping point the Yin energy starts to grow. Although you may not be able to feel it, but from the astronomical point of view, this is the time when the sun reached its peak as it moved across the sky. 
Summer Solstice means the end of the astronomical Summer. 


Work hard to follow the Summer Chi since there is no point in fighting it. But then also relax and take a holiday if you can.
You feel like to be active anyway because the daylight hours are so long. 
Follow the Yin Chi towards the end of July and August when the Yin energy is getting stronger. It is time to get more relaxed and having more fun. For example in August there are more thunderstorms and the temperature is often getting cooler towards the end of the month anyway. 
So Feng Shui is about following the natural cycle of the seasons. 
Balance the Yin and Yang energy in the body, mind and soul. 


Master’s special advice about your everyday activity

  1. Make sure you take time out in nature everyday
  2. Take time minimum 5 to 10 minutes to meditate. Relax and quiet your mind. 



Enjoy the summertime!


In the next newsletter you will receive information about
Summer courses and consultations by Master Kristina. 


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Change of Season and Spring Equinox

The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” 

Harriet Ann Jacobs


Rise and shine in the Spring chi

The month March is the time of rebirth of nature in the Northern Hemisphere.
The Spring time of the rising energy represented by the Wood element in the Chinese Feng Shui. Trees, bushes and Spring flowers are bursting with new energy in the months of March, April and May.


The color of Wood is green, the period of the day is symbolized by the sunrise in the morning. The organs represented by the Wood energy are liver and gall bladder. It is advisable to pay special attention to these organs with being more patient, having more humor and exercising calmness in mind. 
The danger of this season is getting too active and stressed out. So our liver suffers as a result, leading to indigestion or other digestive problems.

Invitation to meditation


I advise you to meditate and spend more time in nature to absorb the rising energy.

Kristina has more advice to you in this period:

  • Do more Qi Gong exercises out in nature
  • Get up earlier in the morning
  • Go to bed later in the evening as the days are getting longer
  • Eat more fresh Spring vegetables and fruits
  • You can increase sexual activity 
  • Drink more water as the temperature is rising

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Mercury in Fire Monkey Sign



Mercury: the planet of communication and understanding

Mercury is the planet of all forms of communication. For example: professional and romantic communication. Good communication is very important in our lives so we can express ourselves and tell everything to others what we want.

2016 started already and we are facing a lot of changes in our social and in private life. 
This year Mercury the planet of communication and organisation is moving into a Fire phase. 

This is a symbol for us to focus on unnecessary things we have in our lives.
It is a good time to burn them symbolically in the fire to get rid of them.
New opportunities can only come if you make space for them. 

Start clutter clearing in your home, in your office and in your mind.
Please ask me for professional advice for clutter clearing if you need it. 

As Fire is a very active and changeable element you can get ready for changes in energy levels in the places you live and work.
Moving house or changing jobs will have far-reaching effects on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. 
Once you made the decision to change your job or move house, act upon it immediately! This is a transformation time as a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly.



How to benefit from Mercury’s positive influence and how to avoid the negative ones?

Pay extra attention to the following areas during this year: communication, travelling and planning. It can happen that some of your plans will not turn out as you planned.
Resolve important issues and find answers to your questions. 
A personal Horoscope consultation based on your individual 2016 prediction will give you a strategy to make sure your plans work out.

How to avoid disappointments in communication and planning in 2016?

  • If you have a meeting or an appointment check it several times before you go.
  • If you have a meeting with your client or partner, send them reminders about the meeting as many ways as needed.

The second part of this advice will be available in the next newsletter.



Mercurius, the messenger of Gods


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Have a wonderful year ahead!



Spiritual Teacher
Spiritual Healer
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Contact me:
Email: kristina@professionalfengshui.com
Phone: +447752852864



Follow the Winter Chi

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.
Edith Sitwell



Winter is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere.
It is advisable to pay special attention to our kidneys as Winter represents the following organs: kidney, bladder, urinary, sexual organs, ears and bones.

In December, January and February the air is colder and the quality of Chi is Yin, like the energy of the kidneys as well. The kidneys are responsible for Water metabolism in the body. They represent the Water element just like the season of Winter.
Please beware, it is not advisable to drink too much water in Winter. Especially cold water can be damaging for kidneys and bladder.
It is also very important to dress with layers for protecting your kidney area and wear warm shoes. Make sure that your feet do not get wet.
To protect your kidney, specific Qi Gong exercises are perfect for it.



The plants store the chi in the roots in the Wintertime.
Similarly in our body: the pulse chi for Winter is stored in the bladder and in our feet.

Men should be careful with their sexual energy in the Wintertime. It can be easily reduced if they have too much sexual activity during this season! It dries and lowers the levels of Qi in the whole body.

When we are young, we are strong, healthy and full of energy. There is a rich supply of Qi in young age.
As time goes by we get older and the season’s Qi will challenge our bodies to get ready for the next season.
If we do not follow the Yin energy in Winter, we may be ill. During Winter, we are preparing to produce the Wood in Spring, but if we are ill it will fail and the preparation for other seasons will also be affected.

My advice in this period are the following:

  • Dress with layers
  • Do Qi Gong exercises
  • Go to sleep early and rise later
  • Reduce your sexual activities
  • Eat more dark colored foods, spicy foods, red meats, and rich foods
  • Drink red wine


Enjoy wintertime!





Over the years, I have been following Grand Master Chan to do consultations and to listen to his Feng Shui and BAZI teaching. I followed him to Yin Feng Shui trips: Lanzarote – Spain, Fort Williams – Scotland, Amsterdam – Holland, Hunan Province – China, Lake District – England, Champéry – Switzerland and recently Valencia, Spain.

I have experienced how Grand Master Chan understands natural forms and how he can heal what is wrong as a Feng Shui doctor with his extraordinary skills.

I have just got back from Yin Feng Shui course Valencia, Spain.

My experience of the Yin Feng Shui course was so valuable and inspirational.
I would like to thank you Master Chan for sharing his knowledge to our benefit.

Form School Research

I have been doing form FS research in the last decade. It is especially interesting for me to do research in the natural environment.

We all wish to have a happy and healthy life so we need to choose a good place to live. The most important consideration of choosing a place to live is how protected that place is going to be. We wish to avoid harmful energy /SAT CHI/ coming to our home. A well protected place has an ideal form which is similar to a horseshoe or an armchair. The back of a site should resemble the back of a chair and its top should be rounded. That is the form of the black tortoise.


Five Celestial animals

In the Form there are symbolic animals that represent special properties. These animals are Black Tortoise, Red Phoenix, Green Dragon, White Tiger and the Yellow Snake. There are two major Celestial Protectors in the Form: The White Tiger and the Green Dragon.

I have collected examples of the White Tiger and the Green Dragon formations in rural and in urban areas based on Master Chan’s teachings and my intuitive feel of the land.

Please find a couple of interesting examples below:

Rural Tiger and Dragon as Celestial protectors

In rural areas the land that the building occupies can be larger. In rural settings the buildings or houses have a closer relationship to the land than a flat in a high rise building of a town.


Associated direction: West Element: Metal Color: White

The White Tiger represents Yin which is the strength, the bravery and the energy of Yin. The White Tiger occupies the cardinal direction of West in our compass and its element is Metal. In the natural landscape the White Tiger is located to the right, female side. This land formation should be lower and shorter than the land on the left Green Dragon side. If the White Tiger is long, then the Green Dragon must be high to create a balance of Yin and Yang.

aerial photograph of england

Ambleside, Lake District, United Kingdom
The White Tiger side is lower, the Green Dragon side is higher.


Associated direction: East Element: Wood Color: Green

According to Chinese astrology, the Green Dragon is a noble animal of good fortune. Its energy is typically Yang. The Dragon’s cardinal direction is East and its element is Wood, hens the green color. In land structure, the Green Dragon is always located to the left side of the land. Ideally it should be higher on this side in the form of a hill, building, porch, or tree. If the Green Dragon is long, the White Tiger must be shorter and high for the Yin/Yang balance.


Windermere, Lake District, United Kingdom
Here the White Tiger’s arm is lower and longer than the Green Dragon’s arm creating a good Yin Yang balance. The Green Dragon is higher


Cape_Town_Jun_09_s compress 136

Cape Town, South Africa
This is a good example of the White Tiger on the right side lower and shorter than the Green Dragon on the left with longer and higher natural formation of the land.


Phuket, Thailand
The White Tiger side is longer and the Green Dragon is shorter but higher. The two arms are holding the water attracting the money energy to the land.


monte carlo Monte Carlo
3 bays, yacht harbors holding the water
The White Tiger and the Green Dragon arms holding the money energy threefold. Monaco is a symbol of high society and financial affluence with privileges of no taxation.


 Urban Tiger and Dragon

 The same principles apply in the urban or city environment for town houses and buildings as in the natural areas. Houses or buildings with green stones or green vegetation, big trees or ivy clinging to them, greenish tint act like Green Dragons. White Tiger buildings or houses can be simply painted white or natural stone colored.

I have found a couple of interesting examples:

skidaway island

Urban White Tiger and Green Dragon in Skidaway Island, USA
The Green Dragon is higher and different shape than the White Tiger. The relationship between the two buildings is ideal of the Yin and Yang balance.

urban dragonBerlin, Germany – Urban Green Dragon
The Green Dragon part of building complex is bigger, larger than the rest of the complex. So the Green Dragon can be easily identified.

irving place80 Irving Place, New York, USA
This Green Dragon has a different shape and size than the building next to it. The green ivy and the green trees make it easier to identify it


Tiger and Dragon as works of art

The Tiger and Dragon symbolize the Yin Yang duality of the universe. These two symbols of the male and female energies have very specific meanings and can be used as Feng Shui cures as well as works of art.



Works of art symbolizing the Yin Yang duality of Tiger and Dragon

Master Kristina Neuhauser
PhD. Phil.
BAZI Master


Feng Shui Tips for Autumn

Feng Shui for autumn is all about a gentle transition from the active and fiery summer season to a slow, wet and inward moving time. There is a change in nature now. The new season, autumn is representing a passive period as it is opposite to the activity of the summer. The days are getting shorter, the sunlight is getting weaker. So this change in the energy requires a change in our lifestyle as well. 


Do you know how to accommodate yourself to the changes in nature? Do you know how to balance the autumn season?
The Chinese medicine tells us to pay attention especially to our diet and sleep now.

Just enough sleep is very important for all of us to be energetic and healthy. The best way to get enough sleep in autumn is to go to bed early and to get up a bit later than in summertime.

Chinese wisdom advices us to eat less spicy and salty food in autumn. Eat more seasonal food as always: pumpkin, grapes, apples, pears, blueberries, potatoes. Use the local organic produce and not the imported vegetables or fruits. 


The type of Chi is receiving Chi in autumn.
This means the time of the harvesting and preparing preserves and wine for the winter. Slow down, relax and preserve the Chi for the winter. 

Clean up the leaves
If we let dead leaves stay too long in our garden they will begin to rot and stink. The same is true with other things in our lives. Get rid of things that no longer serve a purpose in your life and clean up the ground for new growth. Dust, clean out closets and get rid of the clutter that is blocking new energy from arriving.

Clutter clearing
Clear and clean up the space around the front door, inside and outside. Make the doorway free. 

Create new energy
Open your windows occasionally during the cooler fall months to let in some fresh air and positive chi.
Allow as much natural light as possible into your home through the window.

Warm Up Your Body
Drink warm teas, eat warm soups and casseroles as well. 



Do you know how to use Feng Shui and space clearing for a healthy and gentle transition for yourself and for your home? Are you ready for the autumn mentally and emotionally?
Please consult me as your Feng Shui Master for best results.
I will advise you how you can use Feng shui tips to clear away the old energy and make space for Sang Chi for the new season. 

Wishing you best health and prosperity!



About Feng Shui

The basic principle of Feng Shui is that everything is energetically connected and always changing.

The purpose of Feng Shui is to help create balanced and harmonious energies where you live and work, and align yourself with them. You are then better able to live a richer, fuller, happier life and achieve your highest potential.

Ancient Chinese practice to utilize the Laws of heaven and earth to improve life by receiving positive Qi.

  • Design ideal interiors – create the ideal bedroom, kitchen, dining room and study
  • The use of Feng Shui colours to improve energy and activity in a room.
  • Improve health and well being by channelling vital energy into your home or office
  • To create harmonious relationships-Find the right partner
  • Start a healthy family
  • Start a successful business and career
  • The art of placement- find the best place for maximum comfort, security and efficiency for beds, desks and furniture
  • For individuals to tell you how time influences you and the buildings you are in, enabling important tasks to be carried out during beneficial periods.
  • For businesses to grow sales, attract more clients, resolve staff conflicts and improve staff vitality levels.
  • Feng Shui Architecture & Interior Design Consultations to give you guidance on how to use colours to promote feelings of well being and harmony. It also gives guidance on how to use colours to improve your fortunes.

Benefits of Feng Shui

  • Improve marriage, get on better with neighbours, retrieve money that was owed them, double the turnover of their businesses, improve children’s performance in school, calm family friction, get better jobs and improve health.
  • Assess the strengths & weaknesses of buildings and the effects they are having on your  life and business, both before you move in as well as after you’ve run into difficulties.
  • Receive guidance on how to use colours to promote feelings of well being and harmony. It also gives guidance on how to use colours to improve your fortunes.
  • Receive guidance on where and when to place objects such as business papers, photographs and signatures to enhance luck and help you achieve your objectives.
  • Receive guidance about how you interact with a building and where you should sit and sleep to enhance your luck.
  • Find out how time influences you and the buildings you are in, enabling important tasks to be carried out during beneficial periods.