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Michael Jordan as a billionaire affected by his unlucky Stars

We are all connected to the Heaven and the Stars.
These rules are above us and billionaires cannot be exceptions from deep connection and the law of the Heaven.

See how Michael Jordan’s Stars affect him and his finances!

Michael Jordan suffered losses already in 2017. It is revealed from a recent report that Adidas has overtaken Jordan as the second-most popular sports footwear brand in the United States.

563676_449669515120010_243803712_n©Facebook/Michael Jordan (official)

Another research indicates that more NBA players are wearing more Kobe Bryant sneakers than Michael Jordan. This is a huge setback for Jordan. Players entering the NBA league each season
are becoming further removed from Jordan’s era of dominance.

13587_675292412557718_2472670108197041602_n©Facebook/Michael Jordan (official)

Jordan’s income:

Jordan Has a Net Worth of $1.31 Billion. There are plenty of millionaires in sports but not many billionaires. Jordan has made the successful transition from iconic athlete to an
astute business man. According to Forbes, Jordan is worth $1.31 billion and it was his purchase of the Charlotte Hornets that allowed him to reach billionaire status in 2014.
According to Forbes, Jordan ranks as one of the top 500 billionaires in the United States.

Astrological insight:

Financial good luck Stars are not supporting Michael in 2017. This is the main reason why he suffered losses this year.
His financial good luck abandoned him this year although he could have helped himself with preparing for 2017 with Chinese Horoscope Consultation.
A Chinese Horoscope Consultation could advise him what to do and how to handle the challenges in 2017.

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The energy that drives the world’s best paid soccer player


Cristiano Ronaldo was born in early Spring in the Tiger month寅. He has a strong Wooden personality with a Yin Wood element Yute乙 in two Pillars (Year Stem and Day Stem).

There are only three elements in the chart: Water, Wood and Earth. Yin Wood 乙has got roots as well adding to its strength. This type of Wood is alive.

Characteristics of a strong Wooden person

The Wood element represents a moving Chi that is growing and always striving upward. It has got Yang Chi inside. In nature this type of Chi乙 is manifested in bushes, plants, flowers, undergrowth and thicket.

Ronaldo is at the moment the number 1. footballer and best paid in the world. 
He is certainly showing the above characteristics of the Wooden type:

  • He is ambitious and wants to develop himself to the top.
  • He likes competition and aspires to be the winner of the game.
  • He has the emotional capacity to assert himself in unconventional ways.
  • When being blocked he tends to be frustrated and angry.

cr angry©Facebook/Cristiano
Ronaldo angry and frustrated because his team is not winning


Ronaldo’s Mother​ as Jing Yan

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, Maria Dolores motivated his son to play in Real Madrid as it was her foreign dream club. He as the youngest child of the family is very close to his mother. The mother helps raising Ronaldo’s 7-year-old son, Cristianinho.
It is an interesting fact that Maria as a grandmother took her grandson under her wing. Her daughters help along with her raising little Cristianinho.

cr, son, mom©Facebook/Cristiano


​Ronaldo as a Family Man​

​He got his name “Ronaldo” after Ronald Reagan. His other second name is “Cristiano” has been given by his Sister.
Cristiano Ronaldo likes to spend his time with his family. Remember that the form of his chart is “Follow Your Family”.

Ronaldo’s chart showing three Wood elements: Gap 甲(Gip Choi) and Yute 乙(Bay Gin) and Yute 乙(Bay Gin) and two Wooden Branches: Yan寅 and Muw 卯. Altogether five Wooden elements. He has got two sisters and one elder brother. He is helping his family. His sisters and brother are relying on him financially.

cr family

Ronaldo is changing his financial karma

Cristiano Ronaldo coming from a humble Portuguese family. He lost his father when he was 20 years old. The mother as a homemaker was raising her four children with humble means. The special Form of Ronaldo’s horoscope “Jing Choi or Follow the strong Form” is an indication that Ronaldo has not only changed the financial karma of the family but also able to help them with financial support.

As you can see below Ronaldo is a multimillionaire who is not short of money at the moment.

His income sources are at the present:

  • His income from football: $58 million (Forbes)
  • His income from sponsors: $35 million (Forbes)
  • Official sponsors: Nike, Herbalife, Clear Paris, Tag Heuer, etc.
  • Own brand: CR7

xr shake©Facebook/Cristiano

His market value as the world’s Nr.1 and best paid player: it is estimated for £85 million (Transfermarkt). More than 200 million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined (the first athlete in the world who has reached this number).

2016 Bing Fire 丙 year and 2017 Ding丁 Fire yearpresented so far strong professional career opportunities for Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Current Fate Period

See below how these Fire years of his career and his earnings reached its peak.

His greatest successes in 2016 and 2017:

  • 2 times Champions League winner
  • Spanish Champion winner
  • European Champion winner

cr cup©Facebook/Cristiano

Regarding his earnings between 2014 and 2024 easy money can be earned but the danger is that it will be spent quickly. So it is highly advisable for Ronaldo to be prudent with money affairs to save money for the future to make good investments. Otherwise, his financial luck will not be long lasting. 


Ronaldo and his children: Follow your Family Form

Ronaldo has got three children. His first son is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is 7 years old was born in Metal Tiger Year is Gung Yan 庚 寅. Their relationship is very close with excellent understanding. His twins Mateo and Eva were born this year Ding Juw 丁酉. They have a Yan Tiger寅 element on the day they were born which will supposedly ensure good relationship with their father. His children are definitely a blessing in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life and good fortune for the future.

ronaldo and kids©Facebook/Cristiano

Challenge of 2017

He was challenged by the Spanish Inland Revenue to pay 14,8 million Euros as they claim Ronaldo has not fully paid his taxes yet.  

cr 2©Facebook/Cristiano

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The energy that drives the world’s best paid soccer player – Chue Foundation

Astrological Predictions are not like fortune telling!

An old myth debunked. Astrological Predictions are not like fortune telling (with Gipsy cards nor the likes).  


What is the difference between professional Chinese Astrology Predictions and fortune telling?


What is fortune telling?

There is a big difference between predictions and fortune tellings.

Fortune-telling is the practice of foretelling an event in a person’s life. The term fortune-telling implies a less serious setting, even one of popular culture, where there is a belief in occult workings of mysterious forces over the individual’s life. The individual has no responsibility or freedom to act against those forces.

How do astrological predictions differ?

Predictions are more like suggestions of spiritual or practical advisory art considering the Heavenly Stars of the individual. Professional Astrologers in all cultures gave predictions to the Kings and Queens to relay information to them about the influences of the Stars for a period of time.


What is the purpose of the prediction?

For example: to help to make an important life decision a professional astrologer will be able to tell /based upon the analysis of the personal Stars/ if the timing is auspicious for the life decision in question.

This kind of prediction can help the person to make the right choice of action to avoid bad fortune or bad luck.

There is freedom of choice for action and it is the person’s responsibility to follow the advice in the prediction. It is his/her responsibility to recognize the wrong track of habits or behavior and change them.

​The following article is an example for a yearly prediction for Sir Richard Branson’s personal year 2016. It was published in the Chue Foundation Feng Shui newsletter in January 2016.

The article analyses the quality of Heaven Stars and their influences on Richard’s personal luck in 2016. It was a reminder for Richard Branson to be careful and be less adventurous. Especially in August, the Fire Monkey month of the Fire monkey year.

See the article below. 


Sir Richard Branson’s Chart

“My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them … from the perspective of wanting to live life to the full, I felt that I had to attempt it.” – Sir Richard Branson


Sir Richard Branson is a billionaire, self-made man, innovator and researcher. 
In July 2015, Forbes listed Sir Richard Branson’s estimated fortune at 5 billion US $.
He founded the Virgin Group that consists of more than 400 companies worldwide.

Pure Heaven Chi makes him very lucky

The Four Pillars in his horoscope have Pure Heaven Chi in them, Yang Earth, Yang Metal, Yang Wood.
So far his life achievements: his extraordinary wealth, worldwide humanitarian activities, generous charities and many companies are testimonials for the great luck and support from Heaven.

Present Life Period

His present Life Period is Gay Yin Earth Stem and Yin Earth Branch Ox. It is money making time where also the females combine to him with great assistance. The proof of this in this present life period his real wealth has already reached 5 billion $.

It has the Tin Yute Gwai Yan as a Guardian Angel protecting his life and his money from major losses.   

Financial losses and disasters in the last 5 years of Fate Period

Although he is very lucky in the last 5 years Sir Richard still experienced some financial losses.

When did they happen?

21st August 2011 – Fire on Necker Island
Fire Monkey month, Fire Monkey day

His so called Great House burned down in a blaze believed to be caused by lightning from the Tropical Storm „Irene”. At the time the house was occupied by as many as 20 guests, with Branson himself staying in a residence nearby. All 20 of the guests escaped unhurt from the burning house, which according to Branson was totally destroyed. This happened in a Fire Monkey month on a Fire Monkey day.


15th August 2012 – Virgin Trains loses West Coast Mainline franchise
Monkey month, Monkey day

In August 2012, the franchise for the West Coast Main Line, managed by Virgin Rail since 1997, came to an end. The contract was awarded to a competitor called FirstGroup. It happened in a Monkey month.



Prediction for Sir Richard’s upcoming year

2016 is his Tai Soi year, because he has double Tiger in his horoscope. How does it relate to the Monkey year? The Monkey and the Tiger are in opposition to each other. These are polarized souls. The Monkey in opposition to the Tiger means dangers, mishaps or calamities. As we have seen above in 2011 and in 2012, the Monkey months did not bring Sir Richard any good luck. 

It is advisable for Sir Richard to be extremely careful in his manners, avoid adventurous behavior in the Fire Monkey month between 8th August 2016 and 8th September 2016 and also to wear red color and protective stones all year around. Why is this protection necessary?

See what happened to Sir Richard on an inauspicious day in August this year.

Sir Richard published an article on about his “unfortunate adventure” on Gorda Virgin Island.


See other pictures on

If you please, I advise you to seek astrological advice before you make life decisions or you feel that you are facing adversities in your present life.

Wishing you good luck and long and prosperous life!


Master Kristina Neuhauser
Dr. Phil.



2016 is Fire Monkey Year


2016 Monkey year
2016 is a 丙 申 year – the year of the Fire Monkey which is predicted by opening the Horoscope /BA ZI/ of the year.


I am the seasoned traveler
of the Labyrinth.
The genius of alacrity,
wizard of the impossible.
My brilliance is yet unmatched
in its originality.
My heart’s filled with potent magic
that could cast a hundred spells.
I am put together
for mine own pleasure.

The Fire planet Mars from the Heaven crushes down to the Earth.


The ancient Roman mythology worshipped MARS as the god of warfare, violent actions and dramatic changes.


The climate in Mars ruled years can bring generally warmer summers and dry and cold winters.
The fiery planet Mars can signal for a number natural disasters as its Fire crushes to the Monkey that has the fixed element of Metal.
Weather-wise this year started with floodings and destructive winds in England.

For example in the historic city of York, United Kingdom.
Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes after flood gates protecting the historic city were deliberately opened by the Environment Agency.
It was feared that if the electrics stopped working, the Environment Agency would not have been able to pump floodwater out of the town – potentially putting even more lives at risk.


Storm Frank attacked in Scotland_87423723_capture

As a result of extreme weather conditions, the price of vegetables and fruits can increase again this year.

What are the best locations in general 2016?

The best locations for 2016 are: East and West.
The worst locations for 2016 are: North and South.

Ask Master Kristina for your personal analysis to be able to get your desk, bed and kitchen table to the favorable location accordingly to your horoscope.

What about us humans?
Who should take extra care next year?
Is this year a Tai Soi Ngat year for you?
Are you one of those people who faces challenges 2016 such as financial losses, ill health or relationship problems?

Please note Tai Soi only relates to the year of birth, not your day or month. 

Ask BA ZI Master Kristina about the specific advice to your personal year prediction by the authentic Chinese method, so you can avoid mishaps. 

Valuable advice from Master Kristina:
Red String protection:
If you are born in the year of the Tiger 寅, wear a red string from Dung Gee, 22nd December 2015
because you are against the Tai Soi 申, this year.


Alternatives: If you do not want to wear the red string you can wear red underwear or red socks instead – these options help but are not as good as the red string.


For more information, please contact me:

I wish you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.
May your New Year be as bright as the sunshine and as fragrant as the flowers.


Astrology Chart Reading

With the increasingly disruptive state of our socio-political environments and the accelerated rate of change in our personal and professional lives it can sometimes feel like we’re blindly navigating our way down a myriad of foggy paths and options.

For countless people worldwide, Chinese astrology has provided the clarity and vision to help steer through the confusion and onto their ideal path. Layla Maghribi met and interviewed professional Chinese astrologer, Kristina Neuheauser, at her home in the UK and got some guidance on her own future in the process.

I could already tell that fortune was shining on the day of the interview as the sun beamed for the only day that week through the train windows on my way to Windsor. I had decided to go for an astrological reading to enlighten myself on the connectedness of the universe and to poise my journalist’s pen over paper and write the history, the learning’s and the predictions of, among many other things, of Master in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Dr Kristina Neuhasuer.

Prior to practising these ancient Eastern traditions Kristina started her career as an English literature and language lecturer before later re-training as a nutritionist and starting a successful business with her husband in the field spanning 25 years. In the last decade Kristina turned her focus away from the purely physical and outward aspects of the human body towards the spiritual and inner health.

After many years as a practising Buddhist Kristina became a certified Feng Shui Master with the Imperial School of Feng Shui and a certified Chinese Astrologer under the tutelage of following the Han Dynasty lineage.

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Kristina’s interest in Chinese astrology came as a by-product of her own increasing spiritual awareness coupled with her life’s mission to educate herself and teach others. Having already found helpful wisdom in the study of the environment through her mastery of Feng Shui Kristina was attracted to the knowledge and awareness the ‘ancient science’ of astrology uncovered about its human inhabitants. The archetypal student with some four under and post-graduate degrees and fluency in four [NOTE: please confirm] languages under her belt, Kristina embarked on her spiritual awareness with the same academic zeal, learning Chinese and its ancient wisdom.

With obvious gratitude Kristina credits astrology with helping her understand the ‘pre-configured’ nature of people around her. As a result she says, ‘I found myself getting rid of the extreme critical feelings I used to have towards people I perceived as being flawed or weak’, which she attributes to making her a ‘more empathetic person.’

Chinese astrology uses the principles of yin (feminine/emotional) and yang (masculine/rational) and the five symbolic elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood to explain the forces at play within the dynamic of an individual’s personality and their life’s path.

By way of example, Fire signs are inspired by excitement; Earth types are motivated to create secure foundations; people born under the Metal element are driven to create order, while Water types are compelled to form emotional bonds; and people born under the Wood element are motivated to explore.

Using the lunisolar calendar, which uses both the sun and the moon calendars, and the time calculation after year, month, day and hour of birth, a qualified astrologer can show what advantages, powers, misfortune and struggles may be the motivating forces at certain points in one’s life.
Now a practicing consultant Kristina gives readings to individuals across the globe empowering them with greater consciousness, awareness and understanding of their particular soul’s strengths and weaknesses in pursuit of the fulfillment of their life’s purpose.

According to Chinese astrology, a person’s fate and destiny can be determined using a system of calculations involving the position of the major planets at the person’s birth along with the positions of the Sun, Moon and comets and the person’s time of birth and Zodiac Sign.

Chinese astrology focuses primarily on health and the soul’s journey in relation to a person’s physical and material wellbeing and is said to act as an ‘oracle’ that can help to reveal certain elements of the future and therefore help an individual navigate their way through it. Through astrology, and other complimentary readings such as the face and body, a subject can learn how to adapt the choices of their soul to their environment on earth.

As with most practitioners of alternative and soul therapies and readings, Kristina refers to the importance of individual’s own set of particular ‘vibrations’ and ‘frequencies’ which are a form of ‘coding’ given to every person at birth. An astrological reading can be incredibly fruitful and as Kristina puts it, ‘if one is self-aware and committed to discovering themselves, their purpose and path in life then acquiring an understanding of these ‘codes’ can be a source of great help and assurance.’ Nevertheless, Kristina stresses the point that this sort of ‘constellation oracle’ is only a set of possibilities and says that, ‘the determining factor in what a person does and how is down to the person’s free will.’ Furthermore, the extent of insight and guidance that astrological readings offer individuals depends largely on that person’s attitude and approach to it.

Being of an open-minded and spiritually inclined attitude I did not balk at being categorized as a Wood Rat; rather I was struck by the accuracy of the characteristics I shared with my Chinese zodiac sign which – on the positive side- included: flexibility, diplomacy, diligence, mediation, communication, sociability; whilst on the negative side stood out: arrogance, criticalness and aggressiveness.

My protracted university education, knowledge of four languages and the easy willingness with which I have traveled and moved abroad go some way to attesting some of these attributes; whilst my long-standing habit of getting into the crux of people’s arguments (particularly at home) and ‘sorting it out’ earned me the nick-name of the ‘mediator’ from a young age. I won’t go into detail on the scale of my ‘sociability’ but suffice it to say all who know me can attest to it.
As for the negative aspects, I have been known to get rather intensely angry and pushy at times particularly when I see people I care about doing something ‘wrong’ or ‘stupid’ (herein comes the arrogance perhaps?) and my career as both a lawyer and journalist have only served to accentuate my existing critical eye.

Nevertheless, revealing certain personality and character traits is not skill reserved for Chinese astrologists nor is it particularly ‘oracle’ like. The real meat on the bones came when Kristina identified this year – being that of the Dragon (an ally of the Rat) – and the next – being my own personal year – as very fortuitous years in which most of my endeavours will succeed and countless opportunities come my way. For my part, Kristina said I needed to thankful and appreciative of this good fortune ‘knowing that whatever [I choose] will have good luck’. She helpfully added that it was a good time to discern the best thing for me long-term in the areas of employment, partner and place of living which was particularly good news considering I had just undergone a change of career and country of living as well as making significant ‘next steps’ progress in my personal life!

You may think that having such a ‘glowing’ chart might make me somewhat less inclined to be critical of the reading but it wasn’t so much the ‘positivity’ that enforced my belief in the reading but the striking likeness to my real self and real-life circumstances that struck the cords in my belief system. Being as I was on the cusp of a new chapter in my life the stream-lining of best options in my chart coupled with the analysis of the power sources, with which I could excel, and weaknesses, of which I needed to be cautious, gave me a discerning clarity of vision for my future and courage to embark on my choices feeling – literally – universally supported.

Whether it acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy or whether it is a genuine snapshot into my future, the reading gave me the confidence, reassurance and sense of universal protection to embark wholeheartedly on my various new paths and projects with conviction. Whilst Kristina readily admits that she does not tell clients of wholly negative outlooks (e.g. if a client does not have ‘children’ in their chart) she does give clients indicators of the relative difficulty certain endeavours will face. By relating it to the planetary alignments there is an emphasis on particular ventures or plans having a ‘right time, right place’ and which may explain the reason why certain plans or projects can fail to take off at times despite best and tireless efforts.

To that end, knowing if and when the time is ‘ideal’ to change jobs, move house, get married, etc. through an astrological reading can indeed be a priceless piece of knowledge to have and one that can help you understand the motivating forces in your nature better and consequently make what necessary adjustments, additions or exclusions as suitable. As for me, I have to get down to some serious hard work because, as my astrologer told me before I left her home, ‘your chart is very fortunate and all elements are aligned for you in the next 18 months so get to work as there is no excuse not to succeed!’

More about Chinese Astronomy

Astronomy has from time immemorial been a favourite study with the Chinese, and the literature on subject is extensive. The positions of the planets and the constellations at the time of a person’s birth were believed to have a great influence on their subsequent life and career. Emperors often employed astrologers whose job was to keep up the moral of their subjects by assuring them that the dates of particular events such as royal births were auspicious ones. The efforts of astrologers and the priests to predict such ominous events as eclipses helped to establish astronomy as a legitimate subject to study.

About Taoist Cosmology

The true learning of Feng Shui begins when we acknowledge our place in the universe, not necessarily a dominant place. This recognition and acceptance allows us to perceive and work with energies present in the environment. In practice of Feng Shui, we also need to understand that knowledge is power to cooperate rather than to manipulate. Feng Shui masters know that all things come from the Tao and return to the Tao, and that changes or transformations, is that which sets in motion the coming and going of things.

Chinese concept of cosmology and celestial patterns have derived four emblems in the celestial heavens as the Green Dragon, the White Tiger, the Black Turtle and the Red Bird. These emblems are associated with the directions as follows:

Black Turtle- North , Green Dragon – East ,Red Bird – South and White Tiger- West. In Feng Shui it is important to ensure that the left , the Green Dragon is higher than the right, the White Tiger and that the back, the Black Turtle is higher than the front , the Red Bird.

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The 12 stellar positions corresponded to the 12 symbolical animals in Chinese Horoscopes.

The orientation of the main door of a building is to be decided according to the date of completion of the building. The location and orientation of a building is made with reference to the Nine Stars. The site on which the building sits is subdivided into 24 parts.

For thousands of years the Chinese have been prejudiced against the northeast and south west as these directions are lacking in spirits of both heavenly and earthly essence.

Doing the right thing at the right time and at the right place is also an important consideration in Feng Shui because the cyclical movements and changes influence the harmonious disposition of things on earth and effect the entry of auspicious qi to the buildings.