How to enjoy Wintertime?

How to enjoy Wintertime?

Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers” 
Kahlil Gibran


Winter is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere.
Winter is the time for calming down and turning inward. 
In December, January and February the air is colder and the quality of Chi is Yin.

How to take the best care of your body’s Yin and Yang energy balance in Winter?

The climate and the seasonal changes have impacts on our lives. We are part of nature as 
creatures of nature. The Wise follow the laws of nature – change with changing of the seasons
as well as other living creatures: like plants and animals. We can do the adjustment to the
seasonal changes through our human consciousness. When Mother Nature is changing
the season we need to adjust and change our life aspects as well.

What changes are advisable now in the Winter season?

In Winter, the amount of Water is increased in nature and has a strong influence on
plants, animals and humans. 
In our body the kidneys represent the Water element
and are responsible for the Water metabolism in the body. 
It means that it is not advisable
to drink cold water in Winter as cold water can be damaging and reducing the energy
of the kidneys and bladder. 
As the air is colder your body needs to be warmed up.
Not just through heating of our homes but also by drinking warm water.


How to keep your body warm?

The plants, for example: trees, bushes store the chi in their roots in the Wintertime.
Similarly in our body: the source of chi for Winter is stored in the bladder and in our feet.
So it is important to dress with layers for protecting your body energy and feet by wearing
warm shoes. Make sure that your feet do not get wet as wet feet can cool the body down!

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Sex in the Wintertime?

Especially men should be careful with their sexual energy in the Wintertime.
The masculine sexual energy can be easily reduced if there is too much sexual activity during this season!

If you do not follow nature’s law: to balance your body’s Yin and Yang
energy, you can get sick easily in this season.


My advice to you to keep healthy in the Wintertime are the following:

- Dress with many layers to keep your body warm
– Do Qi Gong exercises if you can

- Go to sleep early and rise later
- Reduce your sexual activities (especially men!)
- Eat more spicy foods, red meats, and protein rich foods
- Drink red wine in measure

The above precautions refer to the Wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere.

Enjoy the wintertime!