Michael Jordan as a billionaire affected by his unlucky Stars

Michael Jordan as a billionaire affected by his unlucky Stars

We are all connected to the Heaven and the Stars.
These rules are above us and billionaires cannot be exceptions from deep connection and the law of the Heaven.

See how Michael Jordan’s Stars affect him and his finances!

Michael Jordan suffered losses already in 2017. It is revealed from a recent report that Adidas has overtaken Jordan as the second-most popular sports footwear brand in the United States.

563676_449669515120010_243803712_n©Facebook/Michael Jordan (official)

Another research indicates that more NBA players are wearing more Kobe Bryant sneakers than Michael Jordan. This is a huge setback for Jordan. Players entering the NBA league each season
are becoming further removed from Jordan’s era of dominance.

13587_675292412557718_2472670108197041602_n©Facebook/Michael Jordan (official)

Jordan’s income:

Jordan Has a Net Worth of $1.31 Billion. There are plenty of millionaires in sports but not many billionaires. Jordan has made the successful transition from iconic athlete to an
astute business man. According to Forbes, Jordan is worth $1.31 billion and it was his purchase of the Charlotte Hornets that allowed him to reach billionaire status in 2014.
According to Forbes, Jordan ranks as one of the top 500 billionaires in the United States.

Astrological insight:

Financial good luck Stars are not supporting Michael in 2017. This is the main reason why he suffered losses this year.
His financial good luck abandoned him this year although he could have helped himself with preparing for 2017 with Chinese Horoscope Consultation.
A Chinese Horoscope Consultation could advise him what to do and how to handle the challenges in 2017.

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