The energy that drives the world’s best paid soccer player

The energy that drives the world’s best paid soccer player


Cristiano Ronaldo was born in early Spring in the Tiger month寅. He has a strong Wooden personality with a Yin Wood element Yute乙 in two Pillars (Year Stem and Day Stem).

There are only three elements in the chart: Water, Wood and Earth. Yin Wood 乙has got roots as well adding to its strength. This type of Wood is alive.

Characteristics of a strong Wooden person

The Wood element represents a moving Chi that is growing and always striving upward. It has got Yang Chi inside. In nature this type of Chi乙 is manifested in bushes, plants, flowers, undergrowth and thicket.

Ronaldo is at the moment the number 1. footballer and best paid in the world.
He is certainly showing the above characteristics of the Wooden type:

  • He is ambitious and wants to develop himself to the top.
  • He likes competition and aspires to be the winner of the game.
  • He has the emotional capacity to assert himself in unconventional ways.
  • When being blocked he tends to be frustrated and angry.

cr angry©Facebook/Cristiano
Ronaldo angry and frustrated because his team is not winning


Ronaldo’s Mother​ as Jing Yan

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, Maria Dolores motivated his son to play in Real Madrid as it was her foreign dream club. He as the youngest child of the family is very close to his mother. The mother helps raising Ronaldo’s 7-year-old son, Cristianinho.
It is an interesting fact that Maria as a grandmother took her grandson under her wing. Her daughters help along with her raising little Cristianinho.

cr, son, mom©Facebook/Cristiano


​Ronaldo as a Family Man​

​He got his name “Ronaldo” after Ronald Reagan. His other second name is “Cristiano” has been given by his Sister.
Cristiano Ronaldo likes to spend his time with his family. Remember that the form of his chart is “Follow Your Family”.

Ronaldo’s chart showing three Wood elements: Gap 甲(Gip Choi) and Yute 乙(Bay Gin) and Yute 乙(Bay Gin) and two Wooden Branches: Yan寅 and Muw 卯. Altogether five Wooden elements. He has got two sisters and one elder brother. He is helping his family. His sisters and brother are relying on him financially.

cr family©Facebook/Cristiano

Ronaldo is changing his financial karma

Cristiano Ronaldo coming from a humble Portuguese family. He lost his father when he was 20 years old. The mother as a homemaker was raising her four children with humble means. The special Form of Ronaldo’s horoscope “Jing Choi or Follow the strong Form” is an indication that Ronaldo has not only changed the financial karma of the family but also able to help them with financial support.

As you can see below Ronaldo is a multimillionaire who is not short of money at the moment.

His income sources are at the present:

  • His income from football: $58 million (Forbes)
  • His income from sponsors: $35 million (Forbes)
  • Official sponsors: Nike, Herbalife, Clear Paris, Tag Heuer, etc.
  • Own brand: CR7

xr shake©Facebook/Cristiano

His market value as the world’s Nr.1 and best paid player: it is estimated for £85 million (Transfermarkt). More than 200 million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined (the first athlete in the world who has reached this number).

2016 Bing Fire 丙 year and 2017 Ding丁 Fire year presented so far strong professional career opportunities for Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Current Fate Period

See below how these Fire years of his career and his earnings reached its peak.

His greatest successes in 2016 and 2017:

  • 2 times Champions League winner
  • Spanish Champion winner
  • European Champion winner

cr cup©Facebook/Cristiano

Regarding his earnings between 2014 and 2024 easy money can be earned but the danger is that it will be spent quickly. So it is highly advisable for Ronaldo to be prudent with money affairs to save money for the future to make good investments. Otherwise, his financial luck will not be long lasting. 


Ronaldo and his children: Follow your Family Form

Ronaldo has got three children. His first son is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is 7 years old was born in Metal Tiger Year is Gung Yan 庚 寅. Their relationship is very close with excellent understanding. His twins Mateo and Eva were born this year Ding Juw 丁酉. They have a Yan Tiger寅 element on the day they were born which will supposedly ensure good relationship with their father. His children are definitely a blessing in Cristiano Ronaldo’s life and good fortune for the future.

ronaldo and kids©Facebook/Cristiano

Challenge of 2017

He was challenged by the Spanish Inland Revenue to pay 14,8 million Euros as they claim Ronaldo has not fully paid his taxes yet.  

cr 2©Facebook/Cristiano

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The energy that drives the world’s best paid soccer player – Chue Foundation

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