Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone?


We are living in fast changing times. This day and age brings forward rapid changes which require adaptation in not time.
Astrological experts relate the fast changes to the planet of Mercury which is in a retrograde phase.
Mercury Retrograde is not the time to relax and sit back.
One needs to be more alert and flexible as sudden transformations can happen.
Retrograde meaning everything can be reversed from good to bad and vice versa.
Through the worldwide web we are connected to the worldwide events instantaneously.

The world around us requires getting used to:

- Faster cars
- Faster communication
- Faster mobile phones
- Faster airplanes


Ferrari California T, maximum speed: 310 km/h


Qantas, maximum speed: 900 km/h

How fast can you change?

Career changes during a lifetime

Long time ago, people had one career throughout their lives.
Nowadays people have more than one career in their lives. Maybe you are among them.

Victoria Beckham
From Spice Girls to Fashion designer and businesswoman

Victoria is an English businesswoman, fashion designer, model, and singer.
She was a famous singer in Spice Girls first.
In the last 10 years, she has become a model, fashion designer and businesswoman.

Deepak Chopra
From Doctor to Alternative Healing Guru

Deepak Chopra is an American author, public speaker, alternative medicine advocate,
and a prominent figure in the New Age movement. Deepak Chopra used to be an endocrinology MD.
He has become one of the best-known and wealthiest figures in alternative medicine.

Caroline Myss
From Publisher to Spiritual Writer

Caroline Myss is an American author of numerous books and audio tapes,
including five New York Times Best Sellers: Anatomy of the Spirit.
She started her career in journalism in Chicago in 1974.

How do we know that our lives have accelerated?

Mercury as Trickster energy brings the speed


Mercury in Fire Rooster Sign

Mercury: the planet of communication and changes

Mercury as a planet symbolizes all forms of communication.
According to the Chinese Astrology’s Five elements theory, Mercury is in Fire now.
The nature of Fire is fast and changeable.
This is one of the reasons our communication is getting faster and faster.

Especially in 2017 we are facing fast changes in our social and in private lives as well. 


As Fire is a very active and changeable element it is advisable to plan to slow down before you make life decisions.
Moving house or changing jobs will have far-reaching effects on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.
Take time to consider such a move.

How to benefit from Mercury’s positive influence and how to avoid the negative ones?

Pay extra attention to the following areas during this year:

- Good communication – double check your emails and mobile SMS if your message has gone through or not

- Travelling – make your travel plans very cautiously. Allow time for delays or blockages on the road

- Planning – It can happen that some of your plans will not turn out as you planned. Take time to plan carefully ahead

Misunderstandings and stressful situations by communication gone the wrong way

For example: When you agree on where to meet, make it clear which place it is.
Ask which station when you agree on, any town, any place.
Otherwise, you may end up waiting for each other at different railway stations of the same town.
Avoid a comedy of errors!


New York Central Station 2017

How to avoid disappointments in communication and planning in 2017?

- Preparing a meeting or an appointment check the details several times

- Before the meeting with your client or partner, send them reminders about the venue, time.

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