The Royal Wedding- A Glorious Day!

What a glorious day! According to the Chinese Astrological tradition, the wedding day is very important for the future of marriage. The ongoing luck of an enduring marriage has to be ensured by a good start. The beginning has the end result in it.

It was a lucky day for both Will and Kate, the heavenly stars combined and the fate of the marriage will be favorably supported in the future by the stars of the Royal Wedding date. The star’s combination is favorable not only from financial aspects, which means affluence all life long, but also good relationship and support by members of the Royal Family. The Queen, Her Majesty, the father, Prince Charles and all the others have played and will play an essential part in bringing the couple together and supporting the couple. They will support them in the future as well.

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The favorable financial aspects of the wedding day also meant good news for the British economy, the British Pound currency course has strengthened already before the wedding, British markets have benefited British markets and services. For example, tourism, fashion industry, photography, hotels, and restaurant services- millions of pounds have been generated as a result of the wedding.

The fact that Prince William married a commoner reinforced a new paradigm which was introduced by Edward the 8th who married Wallace Simpson and abdicated. Also, William’s father, as a divorced prince who also married a commoner- these are just little historical reminders. So congratulations William and Catherine for reinforcing this new paradigm and for this amazing glorious day!


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