Olympic Opening Ceremony

Beijing Olympic Stadium

I have made a comparative study between the Beijing and the London Olympics. The aim of study is to show how auspicious the Opening Day of the 2008 Beijing Olympics is compared to that of the 2012 London Olympics.

What I found are the following:

Opening Day of Beijing

  • It was a very strong and powerful day which was good for communication: Beijing opening TV night lures 15 percent of world (1.5 Billion)
  • This Opening Ceremony meant power, respect & recognition for China.
  • This date was selected as a symbol of striving for economical and political power.
  • Conclusively, the day meant victory and medals won by China.

London Olympic Stadium

Let’s take a look at London Olympics day selection:

Opening Day of London

  • Unfortunately it is not an ideal day for starting this big event. It looks like a super slow day because of the 4 Earthly branches which means transport and travel can be blocked or delayed, especially in the underground.
  • It will be too hot or too dry a day.
  • Month branch is an empty Earth palace which can mean loss of money and increased costs.

There is also good news and there are also positive aspects for the London Opening.

  • The day enjoys blessing from Heaven.
  • There is a powerful star which is called Yeung Yan to help make a successful day.
  • East London will benefit ca. 5,000 new homes that could be available after the Olympics.
  • £10bn in revenue will be generated for the British economy.
  • Londoners will contribute £625m to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • There are proposals for a 45% increase in capacity on the London Underground’s Jubilee line.


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