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Follow the Summer Chi

“As the sun spirals its longest dance,

Cleanse us.

As nature shows bounty and fertility,

Bless us.

Let all things live with loving intent

And fulfill their truest destiny.


What is the Summer Chi like?

Summer is activity time!

The days are getting longer and the air is getting warmer because the

increased amount of sunshine. 

In May, June, and July the air is the warmest and the quality of Chi is Yang. 

This type of energy tells us to be cautious especially in countries of the

South like the Mediterranean, North-Africa or the Arab countries as the

strength of the sun can be too much and the heat can be scorching. 


 Feng Shui Consultation result

 sally riceman

Having had about five years of challenges in my work and
personal life I needed to find someone who could help 
guide and support me. I wanted to change my work,
increase my income and get healthy, but found I was going 
round and round and not achieving anything.
I was very fortunate to be introduced to Kristina who managed so 
gracefully, to let me see where I was at and what needed
to be done to turn my life around. She started by coming 
to my home and doing a Feng Shui consultation.
Then a week later I was given a very in depth Chinese Astrology 
chart of all predictions for the coming 10 years.
Both these worked really well together. For the last 12 months 
I have followed Kristina’s advice and my new career has
blossomed and my income has tripled. My personal 
relationship has developed into a lifelong partnership and togethe
r we are inspired to be healthy and fit! I couldn’t 
have asked for more. If you are really serious about having the
life you deserve, I couldn’t recommend Kristina more highly.
(Life coach, celebrity make-up artist and QVC television presenter)


noha floorplan


Hello Kristina,
Thank you for the space clearing in my restaurant and bar.
Our snooker hall has been so busy ever since.
The atmosphere is much better in the whole restaurant It’s great!
(Owner of Honey’s Bar and Restaurant, Langley Berkshire, UK)
My business took off the ground after the first Feng Shui consultation.
Our family relationships improved dramatically ever since!
Thank you!
(Manager CE0 Millio Trade Stockholm, Sweden)



Appraisals of Chinese Horoscope Reading

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For five years I worked in the recruitment industry in London, UK—one of the

toughest markets I have ever worked in. After four years of hard work, I found I was in an

up-hill struggle and even though I put in in 65 hour work weeks, neither my

professional career, nor my personal life were going the direction I wanted them to go.

Sport Manager U.K.

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Christian Nagy Testimonial

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Master Kristina
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Chue Style Feng Shui Master 

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Email: kristina@professionalfengshui.com
Phone: +447752852864

Imperial Courses and consultations by Master Kristina

Master Kristina’s Philosophy and Core Values

Amazing beauty in nature


Nature on Earth with “Feng Shui glasses”

  • futo
    Amazing sunset
  • rózs
  • futókép
    Amazing beauty in nature
  • futójj
    Amazing beauty in nature
  • Amazing beauty in nature
    Amazing beauty in nature
  • FS consultation 6
    Feng Shui Interior and House Consultations
  • FS consultation 9
    Feng Shui Interior and House Consultations
    Mao Tze Tung birth place China
  • herbal garden
    Nature's herbal garden - Good Feng Shui
    China - Entrance to a special reception, Chang Sha, Hunan Province
  • FS consultation 2
    Feng Shui Interior and House Consultations
  • FS consultation 3
    Feng Shui Interior and House Consultations
  • CHINA 2
    China - Golden Chinese characters with secret Feng Shui message
  • 2014-01-21 04.44.26
    Lush greenery of back waters in Kerala, South-India
  • 1743589_10100778199943481_1345300930_n
    Water lily pond in Feng Shui garden brings good energy to the house
  • 1896747_10100767277013121_204061921_n
    Bali, Indonesia - Cottages built all natural material: bamboo and wood - Good Feng Shui
  • 1901510_10100767458888641_50932230_n
    Lush greenery of Bali, Indonesia
  • view form the dragon palace on the Island of Skye
    View form the dragon palace on the Island of Skye

All pictures are property of Master Kristina

Appraisals of Master Kristina’s works:

Feng Shui Consultation
according to the Imperial Feng Shui lineage guidelines

FS consultation 4
Your expertise of Clutter Clearing started of a new Life for me. What a liberation !!!!
I went for your Space Clearing Consultation. Things started to brighten up, I felt better
in the flat as if it had a complete makeover!

SATVINDER JALLY (Laser Therapists Masseuse, Windsor, UK)

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Feng Shui Consultation Appraisals
according to the Imperial Feng Shui lineage guidelines

Lo Pan

I could feel the harmony, joy and energy after you space cleared my house.
It had a great effect on our lives.

JANET LEVINE (Park Media President / CEO, California, USA)

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Master Kristina’s appraisal for Chinese Astrology according to the Imperial Feng Shui lineage guidelines


“I thoroughly enjoy your way of teaching. I like you very much as a person and have much respect for you also. I highly recommend Kristina as an excellent teacher of Feng Shui. 

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