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How to enjoy Wintertime?

Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers” 
Kahlil Gibran


Winter is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere.
Winter is the time for calming down and turning inward.
In December, January and February the air is colder and the quality of Chi is Yin.

How to take the best care of your body’s Yin and Yang energy balance in Winter?

The climate and the seasonal changes have impacts on our lives. We are part of nature as
creatures of nature. The Wise follow the laws of nature – change with changing of the seasons
as well as other living creatures: like plants and animals. We can do the adjustment to the
seasonal changes through our human consciousness. When Mother Nature is changing
the season we need to adjust and change our life aspects as well.

What changes are advisable now in the Winter season?

In Winter, the amount of Water is increased in nature and has a strong influence on
plants, animals and humans.
In our body the kidneys represent the Water element
and are responsible for the Water metabolism in the body.
It means that it is not advisable
to drink cold water in Winter as cold water can be damaging and reducing the energy
of the kidneys and bladder. 
As the air is colder your body needs to be warmed up.
Not just through heating of our homes but also by drinking warm water.


How to keep your body warm?

The plants, for example: trees, bushes store the chi in their roots in the Wintertime.
Similarly in our body: the source of chi for Winter is stored in the bladder and in our feet.
So it is important to dress with layers for protecting your body energy and feet by wearing
warm shoes. Make sure that your feet do not get wet as wet feet can cool the body down!

Free picture from Pixabay

Sex in the Wintertime?

Especially men should be careful with their sexual energy in the Wintertime.
The masculine sexual energy can be easily reduced if there is too much sexual activity during this season!

If you do not follow nature’s law: to balance your body’s Yin and Yang
energy, you can get sick easily in this season.

My advice to you to keep healthy in the Wintertime are the following:

- Dress with many layers to keep your body warm
– Do Qi Gong exercises if you can

- Go to sleep early and rise later
- Reduce your sexual activities (especially men!)
- Eat more spicy foods, red meats, and protein rich foods
- Drink red wine in measure

The above precautions refer to the Wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere.

Enjoy the wintertime!


Personal Prediction Consultation for 2018 


How lucky and prosperous you can get in 2018? 
What have your Stars in store for you?

What are the benefits of an individual Prediction consultation for 2018? 

If you do not know the right move and need some extra insight how
to move on in 2018, I would like to help you with the knowledge and my
expertise of Chinese Horoscopes. I helped hundreds of people with
this extraordinary science.

I can help you with showing how simple it is to plan your
life when you know how and what to do. If you are in a major life
change like an illness or a career shift or a divorce or you are actually
looking to launch a new business and things are going well you just want to
be sure how to optimize your benefits then
I would love to help you again to achieve that.

My mission is to help you to become an empowered person in life.
My guarantee to you is that I have helped many people to make major
and heroic changes in their lives.
If they can do it, you can do it!

If you instinctively feel that this individual Prediction Consultation of Chinese
Astrology can help you then I am confident I am the right Master for you.

Pick up the phone and call me to set up a time to talk!
My telephone number is 07752852864
and my website is

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Master Kristina is representing the Imperial School of Professional Feng Shui
that is following the imperial lineage teaching. 

Imperial Courses and consultations by Master Kristina

Master Kristina’s Philosophy and Core Values

I invite you to watch this free video that relating to the Imperial Palace

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Appraisals of Master Kristina’s works:

Clutter Clearing
according to the Imperial Feng Shui lineage guidelines

“I just wanted to thank you for your great advice about the clutter clearing and for the great FS Consultation. As an architect I have actually never noticed how much superfluous stuff I had in our apartment. But since I got rid of all this stuff Thomas and I get along much better and I also feel better since my dust allergy is not as bad as it used to be. I would have never thought that a FS Consultation and a clutter clearing session could make such a difference to my life! Thank you again.”

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Feng Shui Consultation Appraisals
according to the Imperial Feng Shui lineage guidelines

“I could feel the harmony, joy and energy after you space cleared my house. It had a great effect on our lives.”

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Master Kristina’s appraisal for Feng Shui Study Course according to the Imperial Feng Shui lineage guidelines

“I have a more optimistic view. Before our meeting, I have had days where I have not had the inclination of doing anything at all. I think you can say it was depression. However, although I have had lapses, they have lasted just a few minutes and I then became positive.”

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