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Summer Solstice


The summer solstice is the longest day in the year with ample sunshine for playing, celebrating and enjoying all of life’s gifts.


The summer solstice occurs when the tilt of a planet’s semi-axis, in either the northern or the southern hemisphere.
The tilting happens twice each year, at which times the Sun reaches its
highest position in the sky as seen from the North or the South pole.
The summer solstice occurs some time between June 20 and June 22 in the northern hemisphere and between
December 20 and December 23 each year in the southern hemisphere.

The summer solstice day has the longest period of daylight – except in the polar regions, where daylight is continuous,
from a few days to six months around the summer solstice. After the summer solstice day, the days will get shorter.
Worldwide, interpretation of the event has varied among cultures, but
most recognize the event in some way with holidays, festivals, and rituals.


Summer solstice meditation



Please find time during the day to do this guided summer solstice meditation below to relax.


Enjoy the summertime!


Master Kristina
Spiritual Teacher
Feng Shui Master




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Nature on Earth with “Feng Shui glasses”


  • landscapes-612094_1920
    Harmony of natural environment brings good luck and health for humans
  • sea-1488312_1920
    Mountain Dragon meets Water Dragon
  • tuscany-1341536_1920
    Ideal location in the Green Mountain Dragon
  • lake-1272662_1920
    Pure spring water means vitality in Feng Shui
  • tuscany-984014_1920
    Control position for a leader
  • plitvice-lakes-192168_1920
    Flowing spring water can activate good Chi
  • kyoto-1229559_1280
    Lucky bamboo means happiness and prosperity
  • great-wall-1272823_1920
    The Great Wall of China as a symbol of ancient heritage
  • japanese-1409839_1920
    Classical Chinese garden elegance with natural scenery and bridge
  • rice-1600219_1920
    Rice is a symbol of fertility
  • india-866692_1920
    Taj Mahal as magnificent harmony of the building is good Feng Shui
  • lauterbourg-96997_1920
    White Tiger and Green Dragon formation
  • milky-way-923801_1280
    Milky Way
  • fairy-castle-1486422_1920
    Fountain in your garden can enhance your wealth
  • gold-fish-674110_1920
    Fish pond for wealth
  • landscape-615428_1920
    Harmony of natural scenery with ancester mountains - auspicious location
  • fire-8837_1920
    Fire as symbol of rebirth and cleansing
  • angkor-809753_1920
    Buddhism & Taoism as the origin of Feng Shui masters' philosophy
  • star-1096934_1280
    Ancient art monument
  • norway-772991_1920
    Mountain Dragons drink at the lake
  • milky-way-1093725_1280-1
    Milky Way
  • volcano-erupting-1056526_1280
    Active volcano as a symbol of Fire energy
  • house-1882178_1920
    Green Dragon building
  • auroras-1203288_1280
    Spectacular Northern Light
  • plant-1368187_1920
    Traditional Spring Festival in the Chinese calendar means the start of agricultural activities
  • fish-397805_1920
    Aquarium for prosperity powerhouse
  • summer-still-life-779386_1920
    Spring flowers bring fresh and rejuvenating energy into your home
  • rice-1514141_1920
    Rice paddies in Bali - Rice as a symbol of abundance and fertility
  • rainbow-1256560_1280
    Water feature attracts wealth
  • phra-nakhon-si-ayutthaya-1822502_1920
    Buddhist temple with lake as a symbol of peace and harmony
  • winter-22506_1280
    Follow the Winter Chi
  • sunset-952629_1920
    Classical Chinese architecture in harmony with environment
  • wurzburg-316366_1280
    Green Dragon and White Tiger houses
  • rice-terraces-214725_1280
    Rice brings good fortune "Lucky Rice" means abundance
  • water-fountain-1777904_1920
    Spectacular fountain activates good Chi and the flow of prosperity towards the building
  • goldfish-672126_1920
    Gold fish for positive energy and black fish to absorb negative energy
  • sauris-1695739_1920
    Mountain Dragon and Water Dragon meets - ideal Feng Shui environment


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