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Chinese Astrological Predictions are not like fortune telling!


One of my Chinese Horoscope clients asked me the following ​question​:​

What is the difference between professional Chinese Astrology Predictions and fortune telling?

I thought it was worth answering it in the form of a research and a practical example.
I wish to debunk an old myth.

​There is a big difference between predictions and fortune tellings.​ Over the years, I have been following Master Chan’s yearly predictions. I experienced that the predictions are not like fortune telling just the opposite.


Read more: http://www.professionalfengshui.com/2016/10/case-study-example-of-tai-soy-year%E2%80%8B/


Amazing Face Reading


Chinese Face Reading as a quick and easy method of getting to know another person.  
This theory is based on the ancient Chinese art of Face Reading used by the Emperors when they choose the future Empress by paintings or photos of their faces. 
Face Reading can be awesome! 
It can reveal insight into the art how a person will behave in relationships with you whether you wish to be in business with him or as a family member or loved one. 

It can give you invaluable information about the other person.  


Lips can reveal so much about how you behave in intimate relationship. 


With full natural lips women like Angeline Jolie like to be mothers and they can be self-sacrificial as well. Loving and giving more than they receive. 

Read more: http://www.professionalfengshui.com/2016/10/case-studies-of-face-reading/


I invite you to watch this free video about Courtyard. 


Nature on Earth with “Feng Shui glasses”


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How Master Feng Shui works:

Feng Shui Interior Consultations 

The process of consultation is as important as my professionalism of the consultant, and distinguishes high-quality, authentic Feng Shui from the many dilutions and distractions that have appeared over time.
The Consultant Members of the Chue Style Feng Shui are all bound by a strict code of ethics that has it’s roots in the Song dynasty of around 960 AD.

I invite you to watch and enjoy this free video relating to Feng Shui.


Face Reading


Narrow upper lip means that the person have difficulties in his/her relationship. 
From time to time she would like to be on her own. For example: Kate Middleton

Read more: http://www.professionalfengshui.com/2016/10/case-studies-of-face-reading/


Feng Shui Teaching


“My Master was able to teach me on the level that was right for me and that is key in the process.
Who would say no to have an insight on how to find a balance in the home, your sanctuary.
Kristina guides you with tenacity, care and enthusiasm. 

Read more: