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Chinese Horoscope Reading Opportunity 

What do your Stars teach you?


Individual Horoscope Reading
Online Course
12/13 June

Astrology is a science. Astrology is not a religion.
You do not have to believe in astrology to participate in this course.
It is very simple and practical:
A deep insight into your stars can only help you
to gain better understanding of Yourself.

Chinese Horoscopes or the so called Four Pillars of Wisdom is the
most accurate of all Astrological systems used by Kings and Emperors.

My promise to you:

As a Horoscope Master, I draw from the experience gained from
many years of private readings. My research how individual Stars can
effect lives provides valuable insights to your chart.
Through the insights available you will gain clarity of the attitudes, reactions
and behaviours that enriched or disrupted your relationships,
career and health in the past. Positive future prediction for the next
10 years will encourage you to live up to your amazing potential.



Online course includes:

- Two sessions of 6 hours in total including live reading with Master Kristina

- In depth written description of your Horoscope Chart (minimum 10 pages)

- Workbook including descriptions of the 12 Chinese animals and 5 elements

- Exclusive Facebook Group for further continued support

What are the benefits of this Individual Horoscope course to you?  

1.Deep insight to your character based on your individual Stars

2. Yin and Yang balance to see if you are more impulsive or more intuitive

3. 5 elements and 12 Chinese animals in your chart

4. Auspicious Heavenly Directions where to eat, sit and sleep in your home

5. Clarity of your attitudes, reactions and behaviours


Horoscope Reading Testimonials

I met Kristina Neuhauser in Bali a few years ago. 
She did a mini Chinese astrology on me then that was great. 
She just completed a full reading on myself and family… Honestly I am amazed… 
The accuracy and the advice was truly astounding and very useful in my life!!!

Terry Sarrazin
Financial Planner
Ottawa, Canada

„Dear Kristina,
What you did was unbelievable: you explained to me why I am as I am.
You completed that puzzle that I have been working on for the last three years.
Everything became so much clearer now.
After meeting you I made a decision to create my own  fashion collection.”

Lada Komarova
Fashion artist
London, United Kingdom

Course Fee: Individual payments scheme available.
Please contact me for information.

Simple Feng Shui for Beginners


Location: Windsor, Berkshire, UK

This is your chance to get a clear and simple
understanding of the Basics of Feng Shui principles.
Personalised advice to apply the Feng Shui principles for
your home interior and garden. Please bring your floor plan with you.
As a result, your lifestyle will become healthier as you live in a healthy home.
Your chances to get better jobs and work more efficiently will increase.
The fee is very humble and your benefits will be greater than you imagine.

The price includes:
• The course book
• Tea and coffee break with biscuits and healthy snacks
Optional £ 14 lunch on each day with organic food, tea and coffee.

Course material includes
• Yin and Yang theory
• The use of colours through the 5 Chinese elements and cycles
• How to create balance and harmony within a space
• The 12 Celestial Animals
• How to attract and circulate vital energy (chi)
• Enhance the energy of your home using natural elements
• The art of placement

Course information
Duration: 2 days or a total of 10 hours
Teacher: Master Kristina Neuhauser
Times: 10:00am – 12:00 / 14:30 – 16:30

“Hello Kristina,

I feel more positive, energised, more self esteem and
in control since our course almost a year ago.

We changed the position of our bed immediately after our visit
and we felt the positive effects of this immediately.
I feel more in control of my environment.
More changes are being planned in the home.

More de-clutter and organisation.
Kind regards”

Mrs. J. Jethwa-Field


Course Fee: Individual payments scheme available.
Please contact me for information.



Feng Shui and the Divine Feminine Creativity


This course is predominantly meant for a female audience​

1. ​Discover the Goddess​ in you ​- Joyful partnership based on Chinese horoscopes
2. Comfortable home as a sacred place -Body as a Divine Temple
3. ​Beauty in your garden with Feng Shui
4. You are more powerful than you think: Creating a happy family

​Every woman is a ​goddess ​in her: ​beautiful, ​creative, imaginative, and an Eternal Muse.
​How do we find this amazing feminine SELF in us?

Master ​​Kristina’s knowledge of Feng Shui helps you to find your inner strength
to become a glorious ​and attractive ​woman.

The authentic Chinese Feng Shui will help you to a spiritual connection to ​your soul. ​ ​
It will deepen your connection to the Sacred places within you.


After the first consultation I regained my self-confidence and began to
live a more conscious life, leaving nothing to chance.

A month after the consultation, I found a new job and the man I love.
I am grateful to have met Kristina and to have the maturity to accept her help.

Sophia N. Nemes
Ballet Dancer&Pilates Teacher
London, United Kingdom

Secure your place now!

Course Fee: Individual payments scheme available. Please contact me for information.

Book your course via email:

Featured Services:

Feng Shui Interior Design

 Your property will be measured using a selection of professional methods, including an evaluation of physical form and position in relation to its surroundings.

Chinese Horoscope Reading

Your best chances for partnership, business and career. The ancient Chinese wisdom is also used to calculate the best time to start a business, invest in property or start a family.

Feng Shui Garden & Landscape

“All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds.
Sounds that were previously incomprehensible to our soul now become the meaningful language of nature.”
Rudolf Steiner