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Appraisal of Master Kristina as a Feng Shui consultant 

“Dear Kristina
I’m lucky to have you in my life, I learned
so much new information from you.
During our seminar and consultation
I felt the time was flying.
It was a lovely time spent with you.
Thank you very much.
Many thanks and kind regards, ”
Noha AlNajar
Kuwait client
noha floor plan 2
“Dear Kristina,
If you want to turbo charge your life into a whole new dimension,
then I whole heartedly recommend you call Kristina in 
to do a Feng Shui consultation for your home.
Not only to I feel and know, deep down that I am living in a home that has 
had all its potential maximized to support my life,
but that everything in my life has benefited in more ways that I could 
ever have imagined. My business is flourishing,
I seem to find myself just getting healthier and stronger
as I get older rather  than the other way round
and I feel much clearer about what I want in my
life and where I am heading. I found the personal
horoscope very illuminating.
It was a very helpful insight into who I am
and put my whole life into a wider context. 
I could not imagine now, ever living anywhere,
or taken on business premises without first consulting Kristina!’”
Marion Howells

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reactions and behaviours that enriched or disrupted your relationships, career and health in the past.
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Hubbard Telescope Picture by NASA

Appraisals of Chinese Horoscope Reading

„I am sooo happy to be assured that we got the time right.
I would recommend you to anybody and already when still in Bali
gave you raving reviews to anyone who was interested in my yoga group.
As feedback to you…I am already experiencing the powerful beneficial effects of the reading
and I am always mindful of the key themes that emerged.
It truly provided invaluable direction and the timing was so helpful.
Thank you once again for sharing your wisdom and talent.

All the best to you”


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Master Kristina
Chue Style Chinese Horoscope Master
Chue Style Feng Shui Master 

Contact me:
Email: kristina@professionalfengshui.com
Phone: +447752852864

Imperial Courses and consultations by Master Kristina

Master Kristina’s Philosophy and Core Values

Amazing beauty in nature


Nature on Earth with “Feng Shui glasses”

  • futo
    Amazing sunset
  • rózs
  • futókép
    Amazing beauty in nature
  • futójj
    Amazing beauty in nature
  • Amazing beauty in nature
    Amazing beauty in nature
  • FS consultation 6
    Feng Shui Interior and House Consultations
  • FS consultation 9
    Feng Shui Interior and House Consultations
    Mao Tze Tung birth place China
  • herbal garden
    Nature's herbal garden - Good Feng Shui
    China - Entrance to a special reception, Chang Sha, Hunan Province
  • FS consultation 2
    Feng Shui Interior and House Consultations
  • FS consultation 3
    Feng Shui Interior and House Consultations
  • CHINA 2
    China - Golden Chinese characters with secret Feng Shui message
  • 2014-01-21 04.44.26
    Lush greenery of back waters in Kerala, South-India
  • 1743589_10100778199943481_1345300930_n
    Water lily pond in Feng Shui garden brings good energy to the house
  • 1896747_10100767277013121_204061921_n
    Bali, Indonesia - Cottages built all natural material: bamboo and wood - Good Feng Shui
  • 1901510_10100767458888641_50932230_n
    Lush greenery of Bali, Indonesia
  • view form the dragon palace on the Island of Skye
    View form the dragon palace on the Island of Skye

All pictures are property of Master Kristina

Appraisals of Master Kristina’s works:

Feng Shui Consultation
according to the Imperial Feng Shui lineage guidelines

CHINA GOLDEN SAGE AND GODChinese God for home Blessing

“Kristina is a highly-trained and knowledgeable professional who puts many hours of skilled work into every consultation. Her help and advice are extremely useful and accurate. Consulting with her is a delight as she is enthusiastic, compassionate and personable. Thank you, Kristina!”

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Feng Shui Consultation Appraisals
according to the Imperial Feng Shui lineage guidelines

FS consultation 6

“I just wanted to thank you for your great advice about the clutter clearing and for the great FS Consultation. As an architect I have actually never noticed how much superfluous stuff I had in our apartment. But since I got rid of all this stuff Thomas and I get along much better and I also feel better since my dust allergy is not as bad as it used to be. I would have never thought that a FS Consultation and a clutter clearing session could make such a difference to my life!”

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Master Kristina’s appraisal for Feng Shui Study Course according to the Imperial Feng Shui lineage guidelines


“I thoroughly enjoy your way of teaching. I like you very much as a person and have much respect for you also. I highly recommend Kristina as an excellent teacher of Feng Shui. She is patient and thorough in her explanations and connects very well with her students, not only with her teachings but also by her warm and hospitable nature. She is incredibly knowledgeable and comprehensively covers each topic methodically. I have benefited personally from her date selection and her Feng Shui techniques and solutions. It has been a pleasure learning from Kristina.”

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