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Personal Prediction Consultation for 2018 

How lucky and prosperous you can get in 2018? 
What have your Stars in store for you?


What are the benefits of an individual Prediction consultation for 2018? 

If you do not know the right move and need some extra insight how
to move on in 2018, I would like to help you with the knowledge and my
expertise of Chinese Horoscopes. I helped hundreds of people with
this extraordinary science.

I can help you with showing how simple it is to plan your
life when you know how and what to do. If you are in a major life
change like an illness or a career shift or a divorce or you are actually
looking to launch a new business and things are going well you just want to
be sure how to optimize your benefits then
I would love to help you again to achieve that.

My mission is to help you to become an empowered person in life.
My guarantee to you is that I have helped many people to make major
and heroic changes in their lives.
If they can do it, you can do it!

If you instinctively feel that this individual Prediction Consultation of Chinese
Astrology can help you then I am confident I am the right Master for you.

Pick up the phone and call me to set up a time to talk!
My telephone number is 07752852864
and my website is

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Master Kristina is representing the Imperial School of Professional Feng Shui
that is following the imperial lineage teaching. 

Imperial Courses and consultations by Master Kristina
Windsor, Berkshire Seminars in November

Master Kristina’s
Core Values

I invite you to watch this free video that relating to Dragons

Nature on Earth with “Feng Shui glasses”
  • landscapes-612094_1920
    Harmony of natural environment brings good luck and health for humans
  • sea-1488312_1920
    Mountain Dragon meets Water Dragon
  • tuscany-1341536_1920
    Ideal location in the Green Mountain Dragon
  • lake-1272662_1920
    Pure spring water means vitality in Feng Shui
  • tuscany-984014_1920
    Control position for a leader
  • plitvice-lakes-192168_1920
    Flowing spring water can activate good Chi
  • kyoto-1229559_1280
    Lucky bamboo means happiness and prosperity
  • great-wall-1272823_1920
    The Great Wall of China as a symbol of ancient heritage
  • japanese-1409839_1920
    Classical Chinese garden elegance with natural scenery and bridge
  • rice-1600219_1920
    Rice is a symbol of fertility
  • india-866692_1920
    Taj Mahal as magnificent harmony of the building is good Feng Shui
  • lauterbourg-96997_1920
    White Tiger and Green Dragon formation
  • fairy-castle-1486422_1920
    Fountain in your garden can enhance your wealth
  • gold-fish-674110_1920
    Fish pond for wealth
  • landscape-615428_1920
    Harmony of natural scenery with ancester mountains - auspicious location
  • fire-8837_1920
    Fire as symbol of rebirth and cleansing
  • angkor-809753_1920
    Buddhism & Taoism as the origin of Feng Shui masters' philosophy
  • norway-772991_1920
    Mountain Dragons drink at the lake
  • volcano-erupting-1056526_1280
    Active volcano as a symbol of Fire energy
  • house-1882178_1920
    Green Dragon building
  • fish-397805_1920
    Aquarium for prosperity powerhouse
  • summer-still-life-779386_1920
    Spring flowers bring fresh and rejuvenating energy into your home
  • rice-1514141_1920
    Rice paddies in Bali - Rice as a symbol of abundance and fertility
  • rainbow-1256560_1280
    Water feature attracts wealth
  • phra-nakhon-si-ayutthaya-1822502_1920
    Buddhist temple with lake as a symbol of peace and harmony
  • sunset-952629_1920
    Classical Chinese architecture in harmony with environment
  • wurzburg-316366_1280
    Green Dragon and White Tiger houses
  • rice-terraces-214725_1280
    Rice brings good fortune "Lucky Rice" means abundance
  • water-fountain-1777904_1920
    Spectacular fountain activates good Chi and the flow of prosperity towards the building
  • goldfish-672126_1920
    Gold fish for positive energy and black fish to absorb negative energy

Appraisals of Master Kristina’s works:

Chinese Horoscope Reading according to the Imperial Feng Shui lineage guidelines

As an Imperial Chinese Horoscope Master, I draw from the vast experience I gained from many years of private BA ZI consultations. Thanks to the detailed information you will surely gain clarity of the attitudes, reactions and behaviours that enriched or disrupted your relationships, career and health in the past.

To order your BA ZI Reading

Feng Shui Consultation Appraisals
according to the Imperial Feng Shui lineage guidelines

Thank you for bringing the heart back into my home. My career dreams are just coming to completion as a result of the changes you made in my environment.

Read more: 

To get a consultation


Master Kristina’s appraisal for Feng Shui Study Course according to the Imperial Feng Shui lineage guidelines

“I thoroughly enjoy your way of teaching. I like you very much as a person and have much respect for you also. 
I highly recommend Kristina as an excellent teacher of Feng Shui. She is patient and thorough in her explanations and connects very well with her students, not only with her teachings but also by her warm and hospitable nature. She is incredibly knowledgeable and comprehensively covers each topic methodically. I have benefited personally from her date selection and her Feng Shui techniques and solutions. It has been a pleasure learning from Kristina.”
N. Mhia

Ask for advice from Master Kristina!