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Fire Pig Month in Wood Sheep Year

8th November – 7th December


Of all God’s children
I have the purest heart.
With innocence and faith,
I walk in Love’s protective light.
By giving of myself freely
I am richer and twice blest.
Bonded to all mankind by
common fellowship,
my goodwill is universal
and knows no bounds.

The Pigs are typically believe they know how other people should behave.
The Pig has strong passion with extraordinary vigor and stamina; they are admired for putting their heart and soul into work.
Fire will conduct powerful and intense emotions right to this courageous Pig. As a result, he/she will display stouthearted heroism in his/her endeavors and can follow through with his/her plans in a pigheadedly determined manner.
He/She could attain the highest levels of achievement or plunge to the lowest depths of degradation, depending on which path he/she chooses and how tight a rein he/she has over his/her immense energy and sensuality.
The Fire Pig will never fear the unknown. Intrepid, optimistic, and trusting his/her innate ability, he/she will try his/her luck at anything and succeed against vast odds. He/She is motivated by love and will try to accumulate wealth in order to provide a gracious lifestyle for his/her all-important family. He/She does not mind doing favors for anyone, even strangers, and will be famous for his/her generous handouts to friends.

What to do in this Fire Pig month? 

The best directions in this month are East and South-East. You will find wealth in the directions of East and South-East in the month of the Fire Pig. If you can, be and work there. If you cannot do the previous things you can simply face East or South-East. These directions can work best for you. 

If you would like to know more about advantages of this month for you, please contact me: kristina@professionalfengshui.com


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